Nank Runner CC II bone conduction headset unboxing


Since major manufacturers canceled the 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth headsets have risen rapidly. For those of us who are heavy users of earphones, there is no way to go out without a few spare earphones. Each of my earphones also have their own functions, such as those that require noise reduction in noisy environments, those that require portability when commuting, and those that require high endurance when traveling far away. For example, when we are exercising, we need to be portable. Good waterproof performance, pay attention to ambient sound to ensure safety.

Nank Runner CC II

Some people cannot understand why we are facing different scenarios and require different headsets. When you actually use them, you will find that some headsets can really surprise you in certain functions. Take sports, for example, running, cycling, etc. There are no team requirements, too much concentration and too many skills. It does not rely on training partners, just one person. But these simple and lonely sports have a common problem: boring. In order to alleviate boredom, like most friends, you must listen to music when exercising. The best music is simply a source of strength. It’s good to say during fitness, there is no problem at all with head-mounted earphones. But when running and riding, it is very dangerous to wear headphones on both ears, so I use a single ear Bluetooth headset, and the other ear listens to the ambient sound. This is safer, but I use one ear to listen to music. The effect is very poor. Is there a better solution that can not only ensure the quality of music, but also take into account the environmental sound, so that sports are full of excitement and at the same time safe? The answer is bone conduction headphones.

Nank Runner CC IINank Runner CC II

When it comes to bone conduction headphones, I feel that Nank should occupy half of the market. In recent years, the bone conduction headphones used to accompany my weight loss career are basically Nank. I still remember that the first one was its entry-level headphones——Nank Runner CC is also the biggest contributor to the price reduction of bone conduction headphones. Starting today is its upgraded version——Nank Runner CC II. The outer packaging style has changed from gray to black similar to Nank Runner PRO.

Nank Runner CC II Nank Runner CC II

The internal packaging method has also changed, but the accessories are still earphones, charging cables, manuals, certificates and ear plugs.

Nank Runner CC II

Take out the Nank Runner CC II, you will find that it has shed its edges and corners and become rounded, like a teenager who has just stepped into the society and has been tortured by life, less jerky and more mature. It looks very similar to Runner PRO, and its appearance has been greatly improved.

Nank Runner CC II Nank Runner CC II

What surprised me most was the improvement of the Micro USB charging interface, which was rejected by many people on the previous generation of products. Finally, the charging interface has become the same magnetic charging interface as the Runner PRO. While charging has become convenient, the waterproof performance has also been greatly improved. After testing, the strength of magnetic attraction is optimized compared to Nank Runner PRO, and it attracts more firmly.

Nank Runner CC II Nank Runner CC II

In terms of control, at least on bone conduction headphones, I still like Nank’s control interaction method with physical buttons, because in actual use, sports headphones are basically mixed with sweat or even rain. If it is touch operation, The success rate of false touches and manipulation will increase, but the physical buttons will not. Each press will give you real-time feedback.

Nank Runner CC II

In terms of wearing experience, the comfort of Nank Runner CC II has been improved a lot compared to the previous generation. There is no sharp place on the whole body, and the material is softer and skin-friendly. The appearance and color matching are also performed on the users. Precise positioning, black for boys and pink for girls.

Nank Runner CC II

In terms of sound quality, Nank Runner CC II behaves more like Runner PRO, as well as waterproof, battery life and so on. Sometimes I wonder, is it an upgraded version of Runner CC or a low-profile version of Runner PRO? But no matter which positioning it is, the overall performance of the Nank Runner CCII basic bone conduction headset has far exceeded my expectations. Although it has changed, it is still the blast boy I like.

Use summary:

Whether it is appearance, color matching, charging method, interaction method, battery life or wearing experience, Nank Runner CC II has brought me a lot of surprises. It is not only an upgraded version of Nank Runner CC, but also a low-profile version of Runner PRO. Version, if you consider sports headphones, Runner CC II is a very ideal choice.

Although it performed well in all aspects and tried to keep up with the Runner PRO, when the volume was adjusted to the maximum, the performance of the leakage sound was slightly inferior to the Nank Runner PRO. I hope that it can be optimized in the future.


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