The first youth product of mblu’s return: mblu Blus active noise canceling earphones review


Many friends should remember the phrase “Youth Good Product” Slogan, right? That’s right, the familiar “mblu” is back again! Also brought a new product mblu Blus active noise reduction headphones. When I was in high school, I always liked the mblu brand. When I heard the news of “mblu return”, I was very excited! In my impression, mblu products are always designed, high-quality, and low-priced. How about mblu Blus this time? Follow my sharing to experience it.

mblu Blus

Unboxing & appearance design

Outer packing:

It is still the simple white style that young people like. The main body of the headset and mblu LOGO are printed on the front, the characteristics of the headset are listed on the back, and the side is the comforting slogan “mblu youth product”.

mblu Blus mblu Blus

Charging case:

Pure white color, ins fresh style, no cheap plastic feeling. The overall grip is smooth and comfortable, without a sense of fragmentation. The outer layer has a good spray paint process, and it feels delicate to the touch.

mblu Blus mblu Blus


The most important mblu Blus headset is here, and the overall look is relatively small and exquisite. The mblu Blus adopts the in-ear design that I prefer, and the silicone eartips are comfortable and stable to wear. There are some functional buttons on the back of the earphone handle, but they are hidden so that they are not visible at all and have a strong integrity. do you know? The mblu Blus single earphone weighs only 4.8g, so it is almost non-feeling to wear.

mblu Blus mblu Blus

Function & actual experience

Sound quality:

Is it good to judge a bluetooth headset?

I will put sound quality first. Among Bluetooth headsets at the same price, 12mm large dynamic headsets made of TPU+ imported LCP materials are very rare, but mblu Blus is one of them. With strong hardware, coupled with the advantages of its own brand in tuning, the overall performance can ensure the balance of low, medium and high three frequencies. The low frequency is solid, the intermediate frequency is mellow, the high frequency is malleable, and the sound is clear and translucent. The only shortcoming may be that the high frequency is not transparent enough.

mblu Blus mblu Blus

Noise reduction:

The price is 199RMB, and the active noise reduction function is also achieved. I can’t believe it! But mblu Blus did it, lowering the price of active noise-canceling headphones to 199RMB. 30dB maximum depth noise reduction, if you take the bus to work every day, put on headphones and immerse yourself in your own music world, isolated from the surrounding noisy environment. In terms of calls, the dual microphones reduce noise, even if you communicate with your boss while you are on the subway, the other party can hear clearly.

mblu Blus mblu Blus

Battery life:

Many friends value the battery life performance of the headset very much, and I am no exception! Some headphones are out of power after two or three hours of use, which affects people’s mood, but even when the noise reduction function is turned on, mblu Blus can have a battery life of 5 hours. The charging also supports wired and wireless charging methods, and the Type-C charging port is also extremely convenient, which can be fully charged in 1.5 hours.

mblu Blus mblu Blus


During the experience, I found that the mblu Blus noise reduction function switch is very user-friendly. Long press the left earphone to switch the noise reduction mode, and long press the right earphone to switch to the ambient sound mode, which is really easy to switch. The second thing worth mentioning is the function of Flyme connection, open cover connection.

mblu Blus


As the first product of mblu’s return, mblu Blus active noise reduction headphones have a built-in 12mm large dynamic driver, 30dB active noise reduction, dual mic call noise reduction, support for Flyme connection, 30h long battery life, wireless charging and IPX4 waterproofing. But the price is only 199RMB.


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