Qualcomm helps: Libratone Audio releases a new generation of AIR series true wireless headphones


On December 16, Libratone Audio officially released a new generation of AIR series true wireless earphones, bringing users an excellent true wireless audio experience through excellent shape design and excellent product performance. Among them, the Libratone Track Air+ true wireless noise reduction headphones uses the newly released top ultra-low power bluetooth audio SoC——Qualcomm QCC5141 SoC, which also makes this headphone one of the first true wireless products to adopt this new solution. The new QCC5141 SoC is optimized for true wireless earphones and ear-worn devices. It brings Libratone AIR+ a more stable connection, longer battery life and a series of smart “black technologies” through many technical features, satisfying users’ expectations of top-level true wireless products. The ultimate pursuit of diversification.

Libratone AIR+Excellent sound quality and stable and seamless connection performance are essential to the experience of using top-level true wireless headphones. While Qualcomm QCC5141 brings an excellent HD sound experience, it is also optimized for true wireless headphone products. For example, the new Qualcomm TrueWireless Mirroring technology used in the headphone can support one headphone to wirelessly connect to the phone via bluetooth, and the other headphone will automatically become its “Mirroring”, and the “role” of the two headphones can be used in multiple scenarios Switch quickly. When the user removes any earphone connected to the mobile phone from the ear, no other operations are required. The Mirroring earphone can automatically take over the connection with the mobile phone, avoiding the interruption of the connection of music or voice calls. In addition, when the user pairs two earphones with the mobile phone, the single bluetooth device address pairing function can support the mobile phone to display only the bluetooth address of one earphone and realize pairing, effectively solving the problem of inconvenient pairing and connection of earphones in games, entertainment and other scenarios. , Bring a seamless and smart true wireless headphones experience for Libratone Track Air+ users.

According to Qualcomm’s “HYPERLINK “https://assets.qualcomm.com/the-state-of-play-2020-cn.html” Audio Product Use Status Research Report 2020″, for many years, the sound quality has always been among the top users in purchasing wireless The primary reference standard for audio products. In addition to the “black technology” of Qualcomm TrueWireless Mirroring, Libratone AIR+ equipped with Qualcomm QCC5141 also supports Qualcomm aptX audio codec technology, which can bring CD-quality sound quality through bluetooth transmission.

Libratone AIR+

In addition, as users’ demands for high-performance, multi-scenario, multi-purpose and even all-weather wear of true wireless products increase, higher requirements are put forward for this category of products. Our research report shows that more than half of users regard the battery life of true wireless products as an important reference indicator for purchasing wireless audio products. Among them, the requirements of Chinese users for true wireless headphone battery life are nearly double those of respondents from other countries. In this regard, Qualcomm QCC5141 SoC has been optimized in terms of power consumption for different actual scenarios, achieving ultra-low power consumption control while providing powerful sound quality and connectivity, supporting Libratone Track Air+ long battery life, and satisfying users for top-level listening in a variety of use cases Experience the use requirements.

2020 Upgraded Libratone Track Air+ True Wireless Active/Smart Noise Cancelling Earbuds, Wireless Charging Case, Bluetooth 5.0 aptX Premium Sound, Customizable Tap Control and 3EQ Setting

$169.00 at Amazon US

Make sure it says “ships from and sold by Amazon.com” to avoid counterfeits.


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