JONTER M15 metal bluetooth speaker teardown


With the development of smart speakers, traditional bluetooth speakers are constantly being squeezed. Although it has a price advantage compared to smart speakers, it is difficult to compete with it if it does not have unique characteristics. This time 52audio brought you a bluetooth speaker product under JONTER Digital——JONTER M15. This product uses a metal body in appearance with a square rounded rectangular shape design.

The functional configuration adopts 2 5W stereo speaker units with aluminum alloy cavity to achieve high-quality music experience; bluetooth 4.2 chip, wireless transmission distance of about 10 meters; supports wired mode and TF card; continuous playback at medium volume on battery life 6 -8 hours. Let’s take a look at the internal structure of this product!

| 1. JONTER M15 bluetooth speaker unboxing


There is a JONTER brand LOGO on the top of the box, and a rendering of the product in the middle. There is the product name M15 metal bluetooth speaker below.

On the side there is a graphic display of power 5Wx2, built-in microphone, TF card playback, AUX audio line input product features, and compatible device icons below.

The information on the back includes product model: M15; power: 5Wx2; impedance: 4Ω; speaker sensitivity: 82±3dB; speaker: 1.75″X2; bluetooth transmission distance: about 10m; battery capacity: 2000mAh and other information.

There is a JONTER brand LOGO treated with hot silver processing on the side.


The contents of the box include speakers, audio cables, charging cables and product manuals.

3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable.

USB-A to Micro-USB charging cable.

The overall appearance of JONTER M15 metal bluetooth speaker.

The sound hole cover on the front of the speaker is wrapped in woven mesh cloth.

There are TF card slot, AUX port, Micro-USB charging port and charging indicator on the side.

The top function button area is made of silica gel.

Printed on the back are JONTER LOGO and product power: 5W*2, voltage input: 5V/1A, executive standard: GB8898-2011, as well as CCC, CE certification, recyclable use, and no discarding signs.

There are oval foot pads at the bottom of the speaker, which play a non-slip effect.

The top function buttons are the power button (long press to turn on, short press to switch the input mode), pause/play button, volume-/previous, volume+/next and answer/hang up buttons.

The sound hole cover is woven mesh.

The measured speaker length is about 185mm.

The height is about 44mm.

The width is about 97mm.

| 2. JONTER M15 bluetooth speaker teardown

In the disassembly process, first remove the speaker cover.

The honeycomb-shaped sound hole inside the speaker cover.

There are two round full-frequency horn units on the sound cavity box, and the rounded rectangle in the middle is the low-frequency radiation diaphragm unit.

Full-range speakers.

Low-frequency radiation diaphragm.

LED indicator.

Remove all screws and open the sound cavity.

The battery cells inside the cavity are fixed in a square frame.

The main board is fixed in the frame of the cavity wall.

The speaker unit on the main board is connected to the main board through a wire socket.

Below the foam tape is the speaker microphone.

The battery unit is located in the frame and fixed by plastic strips and screws. There is an 18650 battery in the frame and a battery slot is reserved.

The power input small board is fixed in the cavity with screws, and is connected to the main board through a flat cable. The small board has a sealed cover.

Remove the speakers.

The information on the T iron on the back of the speaker has power: 5W, impedance: 4Ω.

The speaker wire is welded, and the solder joints are full and round.

The speaker wire is connected to the motherboard through a socket.

After actual measurement, the speaker size is about 45mm, which is consistent with the official publicity.

Components on the front of the motherboard.

Components on the back of the motherboard.

TK0577E Class R audio power amplifier. The built-in BOOST boost module can boost the voltage of the lithium battery to 6.5V, and can provide a constant power of 5.5W for a 4Ω load. The switchable mode design of Class AB and Class D minimizes the interference of the power amplifier in the audio subsystem to FM.

Two SS54 Schottky diodes, patch welding.

6.8μH inductance, boost components external to the power amplifier chip.

XinCore 25D80ATIGT storage.

Actions ATS2815 bluetooth audio SOC. bluetooth 4.2, supports multiple buttons, SD card playback, stereo bluetooth playback, AUX IN, FM radio and other functions. It also supports two speakers to form a wireless left and right channel stereo system.

The 26.000MHz passive crystal oscillator provides the clock for the bluetooth chip.

Two white speaker wire sockets.

A red battery unit wire socket is distinguished from a white speaker wire socket.

470μF filter capacitor, withstand voltage 10V.

Another filter capacitor of the same specification.

The third filter capacitor comes from fencon.

The socket connected to the power input small board cable.

Electret microphone, the back of the wire is welded, and the outer layer is wrapped with a rubber sleeve for voice calls.

Remove the rubber cover, the front of the microphone is covered with dustproof cotton.

The jog button on the motherboard.

The front of the power input board.

The back of the power input board.

IDCHIP AD4056ES single-cell lithium-ion battery charger, using a constant current/constant voltage linear charger. It adopts PMOSFET architecture and has anti-reverse charging circuit without external isolation diode. Suitable for USB power supply and adapter power work.

Micro-USB charging port.

AUX audio interface.

TF card connector.

The information on the outer plastic skin of cylindrical lithium-ion battery has model HKD-20, capacity: 2000mAh/7.4Wh, and voltage 3.7V.

The bottom of the battery is covered with insulating barley paper.

The other section is also covered with insulating barley paper and battery wires.

Remove the external blue plastic skin, and the silk-screen information on the internal battery. Battery model: INR18650A, capacity: 2000mAh, voltage 3.7V.

The battery is equipped with a small circuit protection board.

Two 8205A MOS tubes, with DW01 protection IC for battery protection.

Silk screen DW01 lithium battery protection IC.

Two 8205A MOS tubes.

All components of JONTER M15 metal bluetooth speaker.

| 3. Summary

The JONTER M15 bluetooth speaker adopts a square box design. The body is made of metal material. It is equipped with two full-frequency speaker units with a size of 45mm and an output power of 5W. It is equipped with a low-frequency radiation diaphragm to enhance the low-frequency sense, and it is equipped with an aluminum alloy cavity. To provide a high-quality music experience.

The battery capacity is 2000mAh, the protection board is equipped with two 8205A MOS tubes, and the DW01 protection IC is used for battery protection. The IDCHIP AD4056ES single-cell lithium-ion battery charger is used for charging. The main control chip is Actions ATS2815 bluetooth audio SOC, bluetooth 4.2, supporting multiple input mode playback; TK0577E R class audio power amplifier, class AB and class D switchable mode design, to minimize the power amplifier in the audio subsystem to FM Interference, etc., built-in boost can increase output power.

Source: 52audio


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