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JEET AIR Plus TWS Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 IPX5 Waterproof Wireless Earbuds Sports Headphones in-Ear Built-in Mic HiFi Sound Deep Bass

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On the way to and from get off work for more than an hour, I usually choose to listen to music or play mobile games to relieve the stress of work, so I always carry a pair of true wireless bluetooth earphones in my pocket.

JEET Air Plus

The recently purchased JEET Air Plus true wireless bluetooth earphones has been upgraded with a new delay optimization technology through the APP upgrade and found that the operation is smoother when playing games. Of course, in addition to the game delay optimization, the JEET Air Plus true wireless bluetooth earphones has a pretty good performance in wearing, battery life, and sound quality. Let’s share with you some of the experience of using the EET Air Plus true wireless bluetooth earphones!

JEET Air Plus JEET Air Plus

The design of the JEET Air Plus packaging box is relatively simple, with the “JEET” brand logo and the rendering of the earphones on it. The color matching is available in black and white. The earphone accessories mainly include: charging cable, two sets of replacement eartips, one set Sports eartips.

JEET Air Plus is equipped with a charging case with a built-in battery. When the earphone is not in use, it can be put into the charging case for storage, and it can also replenish the power of the earphone; the charging case is very compact, which can satisfy us to carry and store the earphone. And the demand for supplementary power.

The charging case uses a Type-c charging interface, which can be charged directly by using a mobile phone charger. The charging case has a built-in 400mAh battery capacity, and it takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge. It is worth mentioning that the earphones supports fast charging. It only takes 1.2 hours to put the earphones into the charging case to fully charge the earphones. In the earphones battery life, a single battery life of 10 hours, plus the charging case total battery life up to 35 hours, the performance is quite good.

JEET Air Plus

In terms of connection, JEET Air Plus adopts bluetooth 5.0 connection technology and the world’s latest Qualcomm QCC3020 chip. It is equipped with LDS laser engraving antenna and long-distance radio frequency antenna technology. The stability and connection distance have been greatly improved. After successfully pairing with the mobile phone for the first time, when you open the charging case cover, you can find that the earphones and the mobile phone will automatically connect.

JEET Air Plus

In terms of hardware configuration, JEET Air Plus uses a full-frequency HIFI armature driver + SR sealing ring process, and supports APTX and AAC HD decoding technology. At the same time, the Knowles microphone + CVC noise reduction technology is added to block environmental noise while reducing the echo generated by the microphone during use, so that you can get a clear call effect in a lively and bustling street or on a moving subway.

JEET Air Plus

JEET Air Plus adopts highly active nano silica gel eartips + shock absorption and buffering process design. This design actually takes into account the comfort and noise reduction effect of earphones. The volume is smaller and exquisite. At the same time, it also adds nano-coating deep waterproof technology, which can prevent general It is also a good choice to wear it during sports, such as rain, mist spray, sweat erosion, etc.

I talked about the appearance of the earphones earlier. Here is a brief talk about JEET Air Plus’s exclusive APP: JEET Play. After pairing with the earphones, you can see the battery settings of the left earphone and the right earphone, as well as double-click the left and right earphones to set the tapping intensity. Settings, sound effect style settings.

In terms of the touch operation of the earphones, custom settings can be made through the JEET Play APP, and 5 different choices can be made for the adjustment of the tapping force.

JEET Play APP also has a very good firmware upgrade function, through continuous optimization and update to add new functions, to provide users with continuous services. For example, the “latency optimization” firmware was recently pushed. This time the game latency optimization function is to shorten the data cache time and accelerate the data transmission speed under the premise of ensuring the lossless analysis of the sound quality, thereby reducing the delay rate by 50%, and achieving the lowest Qualcomm QCC20 series chip. delay.

JEET Air Plus

In the earphone experience, I will show you another white JEET Air Plus. Comfort is very important in the wearing experience. The JEET Air Plus earphone adopts an in-ear design, and a single earphone is about 5.9g, which brings an almost senseless wearing experience, and also adds aviation material ear supports to improve the wearing time stability. After wearing the JEET Air Plus, I also did a simple test of the wearing stability of the earphone. For example, wearing the earphone to shake the head vigorously and bounce, I found that the JEET Air Plus can still be firmly fixed to the ear, and the performance is very stable.

In terms of earphone control, JEET Air Plus adds capacitive touch keys to the cavity shell, and both ears can be operated independently, which can be realized by customizing the left and right earphone double-click: music play/pause, song switching or wake up voice assistant , The operation method is relatively simple, it is easy to remember, relatively speaking, the learning cost is not high.

In terms of listening experience, the tri-band performance of JEET Air Plus is quite good, the sound is full and thick, the sense of hierarchy is clear, the sound is surrounded by a strong sense, and the vocal performance is quite clean. It sounds like it does not have the stuffy feeling that low-end products are prone to.

In addition, after the “Game Delay” firmware optimization and upgrade, the audio and video synchronization has been greatly improved when playing games with headphones, especially in gunfight games such as “PUBG Mobile”, the almost synchronized audio and video transmission speed, during the game It is easier to judge the distance and direction of footsteps, car sounds, and gunfire, and the game is happier to play.

JEET Air Plus earphones are compact and exquisite in design, bringing a light and comfortable wearing feeling, while also having super long battery life; Knowles microphone, CVC noise reduction technology and game delay function, let JEET Air Plus on the commute every day, whether it is listening Music, or playing games can get a pretty good listening experience.

$49.99 at Amazon US

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