Game Experience Comparison: iQOO 9 vs Xiaomi 12


For players who love mobile games, they must first consider the latest performance flagship models when purchasing mobile phones. iQOO 9 and Xiaomi 12, as the two popular flagship mobile phones at the moment, can be said to be the alternative models for many users when purchasing new phones. These two phones are relatively close in terms of price and configuration, so which new phone should you choose for users who expect a great gaming experience?

iQOO 9

Xiaomi 12

The same configuration has obvious differences in performance (Performance Comparison)

How the basic performance of a mobile phone plays can fundamentally affect the performance of the mobile phone. By comparing the parameters, it can be found that the hardware performance configuration of iQOO 9 and Xiaomi 12 is basically the same. Both models are equipped with a strong performance combination composed of the Snapdragon 8 mobile platform + LPDDR5 + UFS 3.1, and the screen resolution is FHD+ level. This shows that the performance tuning and cooling specifications of the two different mobile phone manufacturers will become important factors affecting their actual performance.

Parameter Comparison

Through the actual benchmark performance test, iQOO 9 turned on the Monster mode and achieved an excellent score of 1.019 million points in the AnTuTu benchmark test, which is quite excellent among Android flagship models. In the Wild Life test of 3DMark, the iQOO 9 also achieved a score of 10024 points, surpassing the vast majority of current Android flagship phones. It can be seen that iQOO 9 fully taps the performance release potential of the new generation of Snapdragon 8 mobile platform and can provide gamers with an excellent performance experience.

iQOO 9

iQOO 9 AnTuTu running score

iQOO 9

iQOO 9 Wild Life running score

In the same test, Xiaomi 12 achieved an AnTuTu score of 946,000 in performance mode, which is lower than the mainstream score of the new generation of Snapdragon 8 mobile platform models; Xiaomi 12 scored 946,000 points in 3DMark’s Wild Life test. The score is 9880 points, which belongs to the mainstream level among similar models.

Xiaomi 12

Xiaomi 12 AnTuTu running score

Xiaomi 12

Xiaomi 12 Wild Life running score

Who is the king of high frame games? (Game Experience Comparison)

While having strong basic performance, the actual game frame rate performance is also an important indicator to test the actual game experience of a mobile phone. Therefore, we conducted the “Honor of King” 15-minute high-load mode comparison test with two mobile phones.

In the test of the game “Honor of King”, iQOO 9 set the picture quality options to HD and extremely high frame rate, and both phones turned on the high-performance mode. The game screen data recorded by PerfDog under this setting shows that iQOO 9 can stably run the “Honor of King” 120-frame mode, which has extremely high requirements for mobile phone performance, at an excellent frame rate of 119.3 frames on average.

iQOO 9

iQOO 9 frame rate data

Since “Honor of King” on Xiaomi 12 doesn’t support very high frame rate mode, we set the picture quality option to HD and ultra high frame rate. After 15 minutes of gaming, the average frame rate of Xiaomi 12’s PerfDog is 85.1 frames, and by observing the frame rate curve, it can be found that there are obvious frame rate fluctuations in the second half of the game.

Xiaomi 12

Xiaomi 12 frame rate data

iQOO 9 can achieve such an excellent gaming experience because of its outstanding cooling system. iQOO 9 uses a stacked waterfall VC three-dimensional cooling system composed of 100% stainless steel + 99.99% pure water liquid working medium. With the 3923mm2 large area covering the core heating unit of the mobile phone, the heat dissipation is faster and stronger.

iQOO 9

And iQOO 9 also uses a new dual X-axis linear motor, which increases the steady-state vibration by 45%. In the “Honor of King” game, different vibrations are individually customized for the full skills of dozens of heroes, which greatly improves the player’s immersive gaming experience.


From the comparison test, it can be found that iQOO 9 can bring a better experience in terms of performance and gaming experience. In particular, the peak performance release capability of iQOO 9 far exceeds other models of the same level, and it can be said that the purchase of heavy mobile game enthusiasts is the first choice. And iQOO 9 has better support for high-frame game ecology, and can make full use of its high-performance processor and high-frame rate screen to bring users a unique gaming experience.

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