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I have been using noise-canceling headphones for almost two years, and I still have a feeling in my heart. I used to go to work in other places. Whenever I need to take a bus or train, I will definitely bring a noise-canceling headphones. I use both headphones and collar However, the listening experience is good or bad. If the Bluetooth headphones + noise reduction function, it seems that the sound quality is not so important. I myself pay more attention to the comfort of wearing and the noise reduction effect!

Yes, the comfort of wearing is even more important than the noise reduction effect. It usually takes more than four or five hours to go out in the car. The noise reduction headphones used before are a little bit tight on the ears, and they will be worn for a little while. I can’t stand the pain. In-ear headphones will be very uncomfortable. They are also not suitable for long-term wearing. The recently purchased HiVi AW83 has a wide ear-wrap design. Share the relevant experience!


HiVi AW-83

The packaging box of HiVi AW-83 uses icons to mark the main features of this product, which are ASAS intelligent adaptive noise reduction, ZRO2 coating unit, rotating folding design, 3D full touch, automatic start and stop, of which active noise reduction can be Up to 40dB, the listening effect is more pure.

HiVi AW-83

The package contains components: leather storage box, headphones, USB-C charging cable, 3.5mm earphone cable, manual, all in black, with a calm business style.

HiVi AW-83

The foldable design is convenient for storage. The overall weight of the headphones is about 305g, which is relatively lightweight.

The head beam of the earphone is filled with comfortable protein skin + soft sponge, which effectively reduces head pressure when wearing.

HiVi AW-83

There are four small bumps on the right earmuff to identify the sliding touch. When the headphones is worn on the head, blind operation is more convenient. Sliding up and down is to adjust the volume, and sliding back and forth is to switch up and down tracks.

HiVi AW-83

The interface and buttons are concentrated under the left earmuff. The position of the switch key is equipped with a status indicator. The ANC button is longer than the switch button. It is also easy to distinguish the buttons when you touch it by hand. Click to switch between ANC off and ANC. Switch between 3 modes: On and Ambient Sound Enhancement, double-click to call up the voice assistant.

HiVi AW-83

The inner lining part of the earphone has left and right logos, and there is an optical sensor in the left earmuff to realize the automatic start and stop function, which is more humane.

The earmuffs of the protein skin are thicker than the other headphones I have used. After wearing them on the ears, the passive noise reduction effect is obvious. After the active noise reduction is turned on, you can clearly feel that the environment is suddenly quiet.

HiVi AW-83

When I stretch the head beam, I can feel a clear sense of passage, but the damping is very small. If I wear it by myself, the head beam can be extended by half. If the girl’s hair is relatively long, it may need to be extended.

HiVi AW-83

HiVi AW-83 has 5 microphones + 1 air pressure sensor, used to collect external noise and air pressure changes, built-in a YAMAHA high-performance DSP chip, used to process the signals collected by multiple microphones, and analyze the user’s movement State, in order to provide excellent noise reduction capabilities.

HiVi AW-83

The ZRO2 coated unit has the characteristics of high transient response and low distortion. In addition, the earphone supports music compensation technology. When noise reduction is turned on, there is no need to worry about sound quality loss.

Feeling of using

Noise-cancelling headphones themselves are more suitable for users who often go out and love to travel. In noisy environments, users can enjoy their own peace, listening to music or watching videos for a long time. The requirement for noise-cancelling headphones is to wear them comfortably. Good noise reduction effect and comfortable listening. The weight of HiVi AW-83 is relatively light, with the design of wide earmuffs without pressure, the ears will not be close to the earphone lining, which is more suitable for uninterrupted continuous use.

In terms of sound quality, the aptX connection method itself has the characteristics of high fidelity and low latency, and the quality of the sound source is guaranteed. After the noise reduction is turned on, the HiVi AW-83 has no obvious bottom noise, which is quite unexpected to me. Comprehensive listening sense, HiVi AW-83’s low frequency is quite strong, the low frequency extension has depth, and the flexibility is good. It has very strong environmental rendering ability for scenes such as pop and percussion. The sound field is relatively wide, and the human voice feels far away. It is comfortable and natural, the three-frequency separation is proper, and it will not feel dull after two or three hours of continuous use, and it is more durable.

In terms of operation, usually the right hand is mainly used to adjust the volume of the track. If you are talking to someone temporarily, you do not need to remove the headphones. You only need to cover the right ear with your hand to turn on the environmental sound enhancement. After removing the hand, you will return to it again. The noise reduction mode is very convenient.

Android users and Apple users can download HiVi Connect in the software market for installation, use Bluetooth to connect the headphones, and open the APP to identify the correct model. You can see in the control interface that the noise reduction intensity has two levels of adjustable, and there is automatic The switch options for shutdown and automatic start and stop are currently lacking in functions such as custom EQ and environmental mode. I look forward to the official update as soon as possible.

HiVi AW-83

Battery life is also the focus of a headphone. HiVi AW83 can continuously play music for 24 hours when the noise reduction is fully charged. If the noise reduction is turned off, the battery life will be longer. In addition, a headphone cable is included for connection to professional The player can further improve battery life and sound quality.

In terms of charging, it can be fully charged in about two hours. In normal use, you can check the remaining power on the phone to avoid the embarrassment of no electricity.

HiVi AW-83

The leather storage bag protects the headphones in place and is easy to carry. The storage bag will not occupy much space in my laptop backpack. The bag used by girls can also be put, the actual weight is similar to our common power bank, and there will be no obvious sense of load.


HiVi AW-83

HiVi AW-83 is a thousand-yuan-level active noise reduction headphones with excellent noise reduction level. It does not lose any noise reduction headphones I have used. The sound quality is also quite outstanding. It is more suitable for listening to popular songs, AW-83 tune The sound style is somewhat different from other headphones I use, but I can experiment quickly after using it. Looking forward to the official provision of custom EQ in the APP, suitable for more people’s tastes. Finally, the spacious earmuffs are very comfortable, and there is no ear-pressing feeling when worn for a long time. It is worth recommending to friends who like to travel and frequent business trips.

HiVi AW-83 Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Headphone Digital ANC Flagship Active Noise Reduction Hifi HD Smart Sensor 3D Touch Headset

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