Genesis Selen 400 wireless gaming headset released: up to 15 hours of battery life


According to media sources, Genesis has released the Selen 400 headset. Genesis Selen 400 is a wireless gaming headset that can be used with PCs, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 consoles. The device uses a USB receiver to transmit information, and Genesis said it can work continuously for 15 hours.

Genesis Selen 400

Genesis Selen 400 headphones

The earmuffs of the headset are made of high-quality leather, and users will feel very comfortable during long gaming sessions. The earmuffs are made of aluminum metal connected to the head arch, and the sleeve is equipped with a 50mm sensor. The headset can provide high-quality stereo, which can ensure that gamers can position themselves in the game. The left earmuff includes controls for volume and microphone mute, and the microphone itself is flexible, so users can easily adapt.

In terms of specifications, the dynamic frequency of the Genesis Selen 400 is 20Hz-20kHz, the impedance is 32 ohms, the volume is -48 dB-108dB, and the sensitivity is omnidirectional. The headset is connected wirelessly and can support a distance of up to 10m (USB receiver). The headset is compatible with PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and is priced at 79 euros.


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