Edifier HECATE GM45 true wireless bluetooth gaming earbuds teardown


HECATE is a gaming earphone sub-brand of Edifier. The product combines cool style and comfortable wearing experience, and is designed for gamers. 52audio had disassembled its HECATE GM4 TWS gaming earphones, GM4 MINI TWS gaming earbuds and HECATE GM6 TWS gaming earphones.

Today we are going to disassemble the Edifier HECATE GM45 true wireless bluetooth gaming earphone. This product is quite special in appearance and configuration. The HECATE GM45 charging case has multiple curved designs on the fuselage. The front looks like a mouse and has an RGB lighting effect design; the earphone has a built-in dual dynamic driver that highlights the low-frequency effect and enhances the player’s gaming experience. HECATE GM45 is still equipped with PixArt bluetooth 5.0 chip. The official advertised game mode delay is as low as 60ms; the earphone also supports dual-mic call noise reduction, supports touch, and has a single battery life of about 4.5 hours. The charging case can provide an additional 18 hours of battery life.

| 1. Edifier HECATE GM45 unboxing

Edifier HECATE GM45

The packaging box continues the style of Edifier HECATE products. There is the brand logo in the upper left corner, the product name “GM45 true wireless bluetooth gaming earphone” in the lower left corner, and the small gold label “FOUR DRIVERS” in the upper right corner is the product feature, and the bottom right corner is “Made for The GAMING icon indicates that this is a gaming earphone. The main body of the screen is the rendering of the earphone and charging case after the lighting effect is turned on.

The back of the box is part of the product information, HECATE GM45 true wireless bluetooth gaming earphone, product model EDF700008, bluetooth version V5.0, effective distance is about 10 meters, bluetooth protocol: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP. 6mm*4 dynamic driver, impedance 16Ω, frequency response range 20Hz-20KHz, sensitivity 100dB. The charging time is about 1.5h, and the battery life is about 4.5h (headphone) + 18h (charging case). Rated input 5V⎓500mA (charging case), 5V⎓40mA (headphone).

The product selling point information on the side of the box, quad-core sound, RGB light, bluetooth 5.0.

The selling point information on the other side of the box, low latency, dual microphone noise reduction, dual ears and dual hair.

The bottom of the box is the brand information, produced by Dongguan Edifier Gaming Technology Co., Ltd. The color of the product is black.

The contents of the box, HECATE GM45 earphone and charging case, charging cable, replacement eartips, instruction manual.

The charging cable is a USB-A to USB Type-C interface.

Three pairs of replaceable silicone eartips, a pair of earphones comes with it, users can change according to the size of their ear canal.

The charging case is displayed on the front. The curvature of the shell and the design on both sides are somewhat similar to those of a gaming mouse, and the object is very small.

The brand logo of HECATE is printed on the lid, and the position cannot be illuminated.

The side of the box is displayed with a grid texture, and the RGB LED strip can display a variety of colors.

The USB Type-C charging interface is located on the back of the charging case, which is located deeper.

Used the ChargerLAB POWER-Z KT002 portable power tester to perform a wired charging test on the Edifier HECATE GM45 true wireless bluetooth gaming earphone. The charging power is about 2.5W.

Open the lid, the charging cockpit also has a certain curvature. The RGB LED strip lights up for a period of time when the charging case is turned on and off. Among them, red is used to indicate the charging status, and blue is displayed when pairing.

Product information inside the cover, model EDF700008, rated input 5V⎓40mA (headphone), 5V⎓500mA (charging case).

Pogo Pin for charging earphones.

There are insulating stickers on the charging contacts of the new earphones to reduce the power loss before opening. It needs to be removed during use.

The indicator light on the earphone is red when charging. The sticker on the handle of the earphone shows the position that supports touch and needs to be removed when using it.

Edifier HECATE GM45

Edifier HECATE GM45 true wireless bluetooth gaming earphone.

The earphone and charging case weigh a total of 58.8g.

The charging case unit weighs 48.6g.

The left and right earphones weigh 10.3g.

| 2. Edifier HECATE GM45 charging case teardown

After unpacking the box, we have a comprehensive understanding of the appearance of the Edifier HECATE GM4 MINI true wireless bluetooth gaming earphone. The charging case is similar to the “mouse” design. Next, we will enter the disassembly process to see the internal structure and chip information.

Pry open the bottom shell along the side of the charging case to see the internal structure.

The internal structure of the charging case, the battery is pasted on the motherboard, and a small PCBA is fixed with three screws.

Remove the screw and take out this small PCBA.

The PCBA side circuit is connected to the motherboard circuit through metal pins, and the earphone charging pins have TVS for electrostatic protection.

Circuit on the other side of PCBA.

Connect the metal pin of another PCBA in the charging case.

Pogo Pin for charging earphones.

Uncover the double-sided adhesive that sticks the battery, the main PCBA of the charging case is fixed with two screws.

Inside the charging cockpit, there are a total of two magnets above and below a single earphone for magnetic attraction to fix the earphones, and a bar magnet is used to attract the box cover at the opening of the box cover.

The light guide column of the RGB LED indicator, the plastic column in the shell is fixed by hot melt.

Charging case internal circuit.

Charging case The other side of the internal circuit.

Motherboard circuit.

On the other side of the motherboard circuit, the bottom is the connector socket, and the battery wire solder joint in the lower left corner is reinforced with glue.

LPS LP7801T ultra-low power charging and boosting single chip, designed for charging/discharging small-capacity lithium batteries, integrates linear charging management module, low-power synchronous boost discharge management module, built-in power MOS, and externally programmable charging current. The maximum charging current is 1A, and the standby current of the whole earphone compartment <10uA (including earphones and protection board) when 5V is normally open.

LPS LP7801T adopts ESOP-8 package, built-in OVP, built-in NTC is precisely adjustable, input withstand voltage 36V, no input overvoltage protection components, standby current 1uA; boost module efficiency up to 95%, high switch foot withstand voltage, fixed 5.1V output, less peripherals and small ripple.

According to 52audio, audio products from brands such as Xiaomi, OPPO, Huawei, Lenovo, Motorola, Realme, Edifier, QCY, JLab, Skullcandy, Boltune and other brands have adopted LPS power management solutions.

Multiple LPS LPM2302 3.0A NMOS, withstand voltage 20V, SOT-23 package.

Close-up of glued reinforcement at the solder joints of the battery wires.

Soft pack battery model WEL702040, rated voltage 3.7V, rated capacity 500mAh/1.85Wh.

A close-up of the battery protection board, composed of a lithium battery protection IC and 8205A N-MOS tube, responsible for the battery overcharge, overdischarge and overcurrent protection function, and the thermistor to detect the battery temperature.

A non-standard MCU is responsible for charging case functions such as indicator light control.

The Hall element of silk screen C254. The magnetic field changes when the charging case lid is opened and closed will be sensed by the Hall element, and the charging case will be notified to the MCU and earphone to pair or disconnect with the connected device.

There are 3 RGB LED indicators on the left and right sides of the motherboard.

| 3. Edifier HECATE GM45 earbuds teardown

Let’s continue to disassemble the earphone of Edifier HECATE GM45. The earphone is a handle-in-ear design, the sound cavity part of the shell is small, and the sound mouth is deep into the ear canal.

There is a breathing light design on the top of the earphone handle, “H” stands for the brand HECATE; there is a film on the earphone handle that points out the touch sensing area, which must be removed before use. The earphone supports double-click, triple-click, and long-press. Four-click can turn on/off the LED indicator.

Below the indicator light is the sound hole of the noise-reducing microphone, which collects environmental sounds for noise reduction in calls.

The sound pickup hole of the call microphone at the bottom of the earphone handle.

The pressure relief hole inside the earphone handle.

The charging contacts on the inside of the earphone handle have the L/R logo below.

The fine dust-proof net at the mouthpiece prevents foreign matter from entering.

Disassemble the earphone along the parting line.

The outer cover of the earphone handle is displayed inside, and is fixed on the earphone shell with glue and plastic posts.

On the top is the protective cover for the noise reduction microphone, and there is a dust-proof net on the inside; the metal strip below is used to sense touch operations.

Inside the earphone handle.

Inside the sound cavity, you can see the double moving coil unit and a crescent-shaped PCBA in the right shell. There is a battery tightly wrapped by insulating tape in the left case.

Take out the battery and you can see the inside of the motherboard. The wire solder joints are reinforced with glue.

Earphone handle shell structure.

Circular pressure relief holes and dust-proof nets, as well as magnets to attract the charging cockpit.

The protective cover of the call microphone at the bottom of the earphone handle has the L/R logo on the top.

Double dynamic driver, above it is a magnet to adsorb the charging cockpit.

The size of a single dynamic driver is about 6mm.

On the crescent-shaped PCBA is a Pogo Pin that transmits power to the earphone battery.

Comparison of the size of the earphone motherboard and soft pack battery with a coin.

Circuit outside the motherboard.

The internal circuit of the motherboard.

Edifier HECATE GM45’s main control chip is PixArt 1626B1-S1R1, which supports bluetooth 5.0 EDR / BLE dual-mode, and the compact package is specially designed for TWS earphones, with high integration and simplified peripherals.

PixArt 1600 series bluetooth audio SoC adopts GreenRadio™ patented technology, supports binaural direct connection, regardless of master-slave sharing mode, with fast role exchange, ultra-low latency, low radiation, low power consumption, anti-interference and other characteristics; supports SBC /mSBC, AAC, 10-segment EQ adjustment, dual microphone noise elimination; built-in lithium battery charge management 5~400mA software adjustable; some models support digital active noise reduction and ambient sound listening modes.

According to 52audio, the TWS earphones of QCY, Razer, Edifier, iWALK, JOWAY, TOZO and other brands on the market all use the PixArt solution, and low latency is their common selling point.

PixArt 1600 series bluetooth audio SoC details.

CHIPRISE BH7212 touch detection IC for earphone touch detection.

Silkscreen LX33 IC.

The soft pack battery model WEL501012 used in the earphone is the same supplier as the charging case soft pack battery, with a rated voltage of 3.7V and a rated capacity of 40mAh/0.148Wh.

The wires are connected to the positive and negative poles of the battery.

The patch ceramic antenna is used to transmit wireless signals. There is an L/R mark on the motherboard, with product model GM45 and main control chip model PAU1626.

Connect the metal shrapnel to the touch area.

Two RGB LED indicators.

The MEMS silicon microphone of LaserDiao C36 504 is used to pick up ambient sound and assist in noise reduction during calls.

Laser carving C36 504’s MEMS silicon microphone picks up the sound from the direction of the human mouth during a call.

Edifier HECATE GM45 true wireless bluetooth gaming earphone all components.

| Summary

Edifier HECATE GM45 true wireless bluetooth gaming earphone. The charging case has multiple arc designs. It looks like an ergonomic mouse from the front. It is compact and cool when placed flat on the desktop, but the hand feel is not as smooth when held. The body is good. Both the earphone and the charging case have lighting effects, which fit the positioning of the gaming earphone; the earphone is a handle in-ear design, the sound cavity part of the shell is small, and the sound mouth is deep into the ear canal.

In terms of internal circuits, the Edifier HECATE GM45 charging case has a special appearance and a compact internal space. There are two PCBAs connected by metal pins one above the other. Charging case Input power through USB Type-C interface, LPS LP7801T is responsible for battery charge/discharge, built-in OVP eliminates input overvoltage protection components, fixed 5.1V output, less peripherals; soft pack battery capacity 500mAh; there is one on the motherboard Non-standard MCU, responsible for charging case functions such as indicator light control. There are Hall elements in the charging case to realize the function of opening and connecting, and there are three RGB LED indicators on both sides of the motherboard.

HECATE GM45 earbuds have built-in dual dynamic drivers, the size of each is about 6mm; the bluetooth master chip is PixArt 1626B1-S1R1, and its GreenRadio™ patented technology has the characteristics of direct binaural connection, low latency, low power consumption, anti-interference, etc. TWS gaming earphone adopts; the earphone transmits wireless signals through a patch ceramic antenna, the dual-mic array is used for call noise reduction, capacitive touch solution, and the touch detection IC is CHIPRISE BH7212. The soft pack battery used in the earphone is the same supplier as the charging case battery, with a capacity of 40mAh.

Source: 52audio

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