Earsopen PEACE TW-1 true wireless bone conduction earphones teardown


earsopen True Wireless Bone Conduction Earbuds Peace TW-1

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At present, the mainstream bone conduction bluetooth earphones on the market all adopt the ear-mounted design. Because of the special sound generation method, the ear-mounted design can cleverly place the battery and the motherboard circuit on the side of the earphone to share the weight and ensure the wearing The comfort and the best effect of sound transmission are similar to the neck-mounted bone conduction bluetooth headset.

However, recently, the Japanese bone conduction headset brand Earsopen released the first true wireless bone conduction bluetooth earphones——Earsopen PEACE TW-1, which combines the bone conduction sound method with the characteristics of true wireless earphones. The split wireless design requires only light Lightly “clamped” on the auricle of the human ear, it looks more unique and the sound transmission effect is better. And the earphone supports IPX7 waterproof and sweatproof, so it can be used with confidence in rainy days and sports scenes.

Earsopen PEACE true wireless bone conduction earphones weigh about 10g each. The “T-shaped structure” design can ensure stable wearing in daily use and even sports scenes; the earphones can be connected immediately after removal, and can keep up to 2 pairing records, which is convenient for fast connection of mobile phones. Earsopen PEACE adopts physical button control, with indicator lights, prompt sounds and English vocals. The consideration is very comprehensive, but it also requires a certain learning cost. In a quieter environment, the call experience and gaming experience are similar to traditional TWS earphones. I have already conducted a detailed evaluation of this product before. Let’s take a look at the in-depth disassembly of this product!

52audio has disassembled Earsopen  FIT BT-1  bone conduction sports earphones and Earsopen BT-5 bone conduction bluetooth earphones with clip-on design.

| 1. Earsopen PEACE TW-1 true wireless bone conduction earphones unboxing

There is a rendering of the headset on the front of the box, showing two angles of the product. The product name is “PEACE True Wireless Bone Conduction earphones” and the model is TW-1. There is the earsopen brand logo on the top and a round sticker at the bottom to seal the opening. The color of the product is written on the sticker.

There is a Chinese label on the back of the box. Product name “earsopen true wireless bone conduction headset”, model “PEACE TW-1”, frequency range 4Hz~40,000Hz, bluetooth version 5.0. The size of the earphone is 32*27*30mm, and the weight of a single earphone is about 9g; the size of the charging case is 70*43*36mm, and the weight is about 43g. The headset can be used continuously for about 5 hours, and the charging case can achieve 12 hours of battery life listening. The headset is fully charged for about 1.5 hours, and the charging case is fully charged for about 2 hours.

The manufacturer of the headset is Japan’s BoCo Co., Ltd., and the subsidiary in China is Cuckoo (Shanghai) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Items in the box, earphones and charging case, charging cable, Chinese version of the manual and precautions.

The charging cable is USB-A to USB Type-C interface.

Compared with the charging case of other TWS earphones, the charging case of this product is closer to the concept of “warehouse” and more square. The cover is a physical eject design, and there is a status indicator below the cover opening button.

When the charging case is turned on, the left and right earphones are placed symmetrically.

The USB-C charging port is located on the back of the charging case.

52audio used the ChargerLAB POWER-Z KM001C portable power tester to perform a wired charging test on the Earsopen PEACE TW-1 true wireless bone conduction headset. The charging power is about 1.9W.

The label information at the bottom of the charging case, model: PEACE TW-1, input: DC5V⎓0.5A, output: DC5V⎓0.22A, battery capacity: 430mAh/1.59Wh.

Earsopen brand name and Logo are printed on the side shell.

The earphone charging contact position has an insulating film to reduce the power loss before unpacking, and it needs to be removed before use.

The Pogo Pin in the charging cockpit for charging the earphone.

When the headset is charging in the charging case, the indicator light on the headset is red, and the charging case indicator light is blue, which looks pretty sci-fi.

earsopen PEACE TW-1 true wireless bone conduction earphones black version.

The headset and charging case weigh 60.1g in total.

The charging case unit weighs 40.2g. The charging case is larger in size, but lighter in weight.

The left and right earphones weigh 20g in total.

| 2. Earsopen PEACE TW-1 charging case teardown

After unpacking the box, we have a comprehensive understanding of the appearance of Earsopen PEACE TW-1 true wireless bone conduction earphones. Now we enter the disassembly process to see if there is any special internal structure.

First, disassemble the charging case, pry open the charging cockpit, there is a physical buckle connection inside.

The spring in the eject position of the cover.

The inside structure of the charging cockpit is displayed, and there are two bar magnets on the left and right earphone positions to attract and fix the earphones.

The charging case is fixed with four screws on the motherboard, and the battery underneath is fixed at the same time.

Light guide at the position of the indicator light.

Charging case internal circuit display.

The soft pack battery is fixed on the motherboard with double-sided tape.

The main board circuit is highly integrated.

On the other side of the motherboard, the bottom left corner is the solder joint of the battery wire.

USB-C power input interface, through-hole welding.

The power management IC of the silk-screen HT3212 is responsible for charging the battery in the charging case, and the boost output is used to charge the earphone and indicate the battery level.

The charging case adopts a soft pack battery, model: HN802525P, capacity: 430mAh/1.59Wh, rated voltage: 3.7V.

Battery protection board, a lithium battery protection IC with 8205MOS tube to achieve battery overcharge, overdischarge and overcurrent protection.

Pogo Pin for charging earphones.

There is a black light-shielding plastic sheet above the indicator to reduce light leakage of the indicator.

Two LED indicators and a circle of foam on the periphery to reduce light leakage.

| 3. Earsopen PEACE TW-1 earphone teardown

Continue to disassemble the earphone part of Earsopen PEACE TW-1. The earphone is worn on the pinna. The actual experience is more comfortable and natural than imagined.

There is a large L/R logo on the top of the earphones.

There are two buttons at the bottom of the headset, the center of the circle is the indicator light, and the opening next to it is the microphone pickup hole.

The two physical buttons are high on the outside and low on the inside, giving a clear sense of paragraph.

Earphones charging contacts.

Another microphone opening on the fuselage is used to assist the call noise reduction function. There is the headset model “TW-1” next to it.

There is the earsopen brand logo on the outer shell of the bone conduction vibration device.

Inside information of bone conduction vibration device, BoCo Inc., made in Japan.

The arc-shaped support frame of the earphone can be stretched while being worn, but it cannot be over-expanded. The correct way of wearing is to gently pull the ear with one hand, push the earphone into the auricle with the other hand, and then adjust it to a suitable position.

Open the earphone shell, the first thing you see is the battery.

The soft pack battery is soldered on the motherboard through wires, and the solder joints are full.

On the other shell is the charging contact of the earphone, which is connected to the motherboard through a socket, which is convenient for assembly and production.

The charging contacts of the earphone are soldered to the plug.

The positive and negative leads are welded to the contacts, and next to them are two magnets that absorb the charging cockpit, both of which are fixed with glue.

The internal structure of the headset is displayed. The bone conduction sound unit is connected to the main board through black and white wires and connectors, and the white glue on the top of the circuit board is used to fix the bluetooth antenna.

The PCBA, which is perpendicular to the fixed bottom button position of the motherboard, has a MEMS microphone on it.

Take out the shell of the bottom button and locate it through the plastic post.

Inside the shell, the middle position is the light guide of the indicator light, and the side opening is the microphone pickup hole, which is sealed with foam.

The opening position on the inner shell of the earphone is provided with a dust-proof net.

Take out the internal circuit of the earphone, and fix the two circuit boards by soldering.

The dust-proof net inside the pickup hole of the other microphone.

The size of the internal motherboard and battery of the headset is compared with the size of the coin.

Soft pack battery model: 501225, rated voltage: 3.7V, rated capacity: 110mAh/0.407Wh.

Battery protection board, a lithium battery protection IC with 8205MOS tube to achieve battery overcharge, overdischarge and overcurrent protection.

The FPC antenna used to transmit bluetooth signals has L/R left and right marks on the inside.

There is a piece of foam support between the antenna and the motherboard.

Tear off the foam and display the circuit on the motherboard side.

The protective cover outside the microphone pickup hole.

The MEMS microphone of LeDiao G524 9393 is mainly used to pick up ambient sound.

The patch buttons at the bottom of the headset, LED indicators and microphone pickup holes.

Laser carving G424 9611 MEMS microphone is used to pick up the sound in the direction of the human mouth. The main control chip compares the two sets of sound information fed back by the microphone, and uses related noise reduction algorithms to filter environmental sounds to extract human voices to achieve the noise reduction effect of the call.

The bluetooth master chip of Earsopen PEACE TW-1 true wireless bone conduction headset is Airoha AB1532. It supports bluetooth 5.0 dual mode, bluetooth low energy mode, and supports A2DP, HFP, AVRCP, SPP and other functions.

Airoha AB1532 supports Airoha’s MCSync connection method. Binaural direct connection can reduce audio bandwidth requirements, and the power consumption is as low as 8mA, which is suitable for a new generation of high-quality TWS true wireless bluetooth earphones. The audio decoder supports 24bit 96KHz sampling rate decoding, with multi-segment EQ adjustment; supports noise reduction and echo cancellation functions, which can enhance the voice call experience.

On the hardware, it has built-in Tensilica HiFi EP processor, embedded 16Mb flash memory, supports iOS and Android APP, built-in capacitive touch controller, integrated lithium battery charging controller, which can greatly reduce the number of headset components.

According to 52audio, bluetooth earphones on the market, including Sony, Huami Technology, 1MORE, realme, FIIL, Edifier, Plantronics, Earsopen, and other brands, all use Airoha solutions.

Texas Instruments TPA2011D1 3.2W mono Class D audio power amplifier, used to drive bone conduction sound unit, CSP package is very small, quiescent current 1.5mA, support automatic recovery short circuit protection and overheat protection.

TI TPA2011D1 details.

Disassemble the shell of the bone conduction vibration device.

There is cushioning foam in the shell to reduce resonance.

Bone conduction unit display, the positive and negative poles of the unit are marked on the PCB, and the silver metal in the middle is a magnet.

Remove the outer shell of the bone conduction unit.

Copper color metal cover on the outside of the bone conduction unit. Inside, there are enameled copper wires surrounding the magnet, which are driven by a power amplifier to generate a magnetic field to drive the magnet to move, and sound through vibration.

The size of the bone conduction unit is approximately 10 mm.

Inside the bone conduction unit housing.

The shell is made of rubber, which is relatively soft.

All components of Earsopen PEACE TW-1 earphones.

| 52audio summary

The Earsopen PEACE TW-1 earphone adopts a split wireless design, which needs to be clamped on the ear when wearing, and the experience is more peculiar; the individual weight of the earphone is about 10g, and the “T-shaped structure” design can ensure stable wearing. The charging case is large but It is lighter and more portable in a bag. The daily use scene is similar to the traditional bone conduction bluetooth headset. It is best to experience this design in person.

In terms of internal circuits, the Earsopen PEACE TW-1 charging case inputs power through the USB-C interface, and a power management IC with a silk-screen HT3212 is responsible for battery charging and discharging and power indication. The circuit is very simple, and the soft pack battery capacity is 430mAh.

Earsopen PEACE TW-1 earphones use Airoha AB1532 bluetooth audio SoC, support bluetooth 5.0, direct simultaneous connection of both ears, high integration, support audio decoder, noise reduction and echo cancellation functions, integrated lithium battery charging controller, etc., greatly The number of components in the headset is reduced; the headset uses an FPC antenna to transmit bluetooth signals, and two Goertek MEMS microphones are used for call noise reduction; the audio signal output by the chip is driven by the TI TPA2011D1 Class D audio power amplifier to drive the bone conduction unit to sound.

Source: 52audio


earsopen True Wireless Bone Conduction Earbuds Peace TW-1

$800.00 at Amazon US

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