So sci-fi! Dyson releases purifying headphones: sound quality, noise cancelling, purification


Today Dyson officially announced a new product from Dyson —— Dyson Zone Air Purifying headphones. This product integrates headphone + purification mask, and the shape design is also very sci-fi.

This design is very avant-garde, and I have not seen similar products yet. According to the official introduction, it uses an innovative non-contact mask that can block the polluted air outside and deliver a steady stream of clean airflow. Simply put, it’s a bit like a head-mounted air purifier.

Dyson Zone Air Purifying headphones

It is reported that the design was developed by Dyson after 6 years of research and development, after more than 500 prototype iterations, and at the same time using a total of 30 years of professional filtering technology to create. It can be said that it is a product that integrates Dyson filtration technology, airflow technology and acoustic technology.

Besides purification, it also supports 3 active noise cancelling modes, including immersion mode, call mode and transparency mode. At the same time, it provides 4 air purification modes: low speed, medium speed, high speed and automatic.

In addition, what is more user-friendly is that the headphone and the mask are detachable. When the user does not need to wear a mask, the headphone can be used alone.

At present, the specific parameter information of this product has not been announced, and the official price has not been disclosed. It is expected to be new on major channels in the fall of 2022.


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