DUNU DK3001 headphone upgrade version—DK4001


The first time I listened to the DK4001 engineering machine was when the DK3001 earphones were not yet on the market in 2016. From the author’s point of view, the DK4001 earphones were really uninteresting at first compared to the brighter DK3001, although there were more units. , But the sound cannot open the gap in terms of quality and style. Fortunately, DUNU also realized the problem and redoed the entire plan, only to have the current black technology headphone DK4001 “Chi”. To learn more about DK4001, you can read the article I wrote yesterday: After waiting for the headphone for 3 years—DUNU DK4001

DUNU DK4001 headphone

DUNU DK4001 adopts the combination of double Lou’s high frequency/extreme high frequency composite moving iron unit + 13mm beryllium (double-sided beryllium plating) diaphragm moving coil unit. The moving coil part basically covers the sensitive frequency band of the human ear, which also means the ring The connection problem of iron products criticized by people will be significantly improved. Reminiscent of the previous performance of Facol’s beryllium unit, the first appearance of the beryllium diaphragm on the DK4001 in portable earplugs also made the author a little more looking forward to.

Earphone Cavity
The emergence of lightweight liquid metal “zirconium alloy” is also expected. Inside the back cavity, the unique low-frequency maze design makes the author full of curiosity about the low-frequency performance of DUNU DK4001. DK3001 earphones have been criticized for wearing, and it has also been solved on DK4001. The sleek inner cavity and the overall successful “weight loss” unit are more suitable for long-term listening to music under the premise of ensuring comfortable wearing.

DUNU DK4001 headphone

Earphone Wire
The DUNU DK4001 headphone introduces the “self-locking interchangeable plug” for the first time. The standard configuration is 3.5mm single-ended plug, 2.5mm balanced plug, 3.5mm pro balanced plug, 4.4mm balanced plug, which can be used without changing the wire itself. All DAP products on the market. The main part of the wire is made of high-purity Furukawa single crystal copper and pure silver mixed wire with an independent shielding layer, which can effectively reduce the transmission loss of audio signals and protect the sound performance of DK4001 headphones. The MMCX part still uses the standard mmcx interface, which provides more playability under the premise of ensuring reliability.


Packaging Accessories
DK4001 continues the packaging style of DUNU series products. DK4001 earphone comes standard with 3 kinds of earplug case (C case, Gray case, SF145 case).

DUNU DK4001 headphone DUNU DK4001 headphone

Since its launch, DUNU DK4001 earphones have attracted the attention of many people with various “black technologies”. There are also some controversies among the affirmative voices of most people. Some people feel that the sound is atmospheric and accurate, while others feel that the high frequency is dim. This is also related to personal usage habits and the current product’s general high-frequency tuning phenomenon.

Dunu DK4001 Pole Beryllium Diaphragm PVD 5 Driver Hybrid 4BA+1DD Hifi Music Monitor Studio Stereo Earphone Earbuds w/ MMCX Cable

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