Cleer STAGE portable bluetooth speaker teardown


Cleer STAGE Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Take Calls with Noise Cancellation, Alexa Enabled, Water-Resistant, 15 Hours Battery

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Cleer is a smart audio brand from California, USA. It consists of a core team of senior designers and engineers in the audio industry. Its products have repeatedly won various global awards including the Red Dot Design Award and the CES Technology Innovation Award. It has a number of patented technologies and products. For high-end user groups who pursue comfortable experience and ultimate sound. Its audio products cover true wireless headphones, head-mounted bluetooth headphones, noise-cancelling headphones, wireless smart speakers, high-end home audio, etc.

Today I bring you a portable bluetooth speaker product of Cleer——Cleer STAGE, which has a unique appearance design and adopts a shape similar to a lady’s “handbag”, with a skeleton and a dust-proof net cover wrapped around the structure. , And radiation diaphragms on both sides; dual speaker units, professional echo cancellation chips, support aptX decoding, provide high-fidelity sound quality; support two serial 360° surround sound, amazon alexa intelligent voice assistant, NFC automatic connection , IPX7 waterproof, 15 hours long battery life, etc.

52audio also disassembled the Cleer ALLY true wireless bluetooth earphones, Cleer ENDURO100 bluetooth headset, Cleer FLOW noise reduction bluetooth headset and Cleer DU Wireless headset. Let’s take a look at the internal structure of this product today!

| 1. Cleer STAGE bluetooth speaker unboxing

The packaging box design is relatively simple, with a white background to highlight the theme. There is a cleer brand LOGO on the upper left side of the front, which displays the appearance of the product in a large area; the amazon alexa smart voice logo is on the lower side, and the product introduction STAGE portable bluetooth speaker on the right side, using ALEXA voice service; and the bluetooth logo, product features voice assistant, 15h playback , water resistant.

The back is designed with a rendering of the back of the product; Alexa smart voice, 15h playback, IPX7 water resistant, cleer connect, hands-free convenience; and NFC and bluetooth logos.

On the right, there is information about the contents of the box, including STAGE speakers, charger, micro-usb cable, carrying pouch and quick start guide.

There is an introduction to the cleer connect function on the other side.

At the bottom, there are the cleer trademark and the description of the products complying with FCC standard Part XV, as well as the BC and CCC certification marks.

From the front, the speaker presents a trapezoidal structure and is designed with the cleer brand LOGO. There are four function buttons and NFC connection logo on the top.

There are power switch, Micro USB charging port and bluetooth/series pairing button on the back.

There is an anti-skid pad at the bottom of the speaker, and a strip indicator light in the middle of the frame.

The information on the non-slip mat at the bottom of the speaker has the product model STAGE, input 5V⎓2A, made in China; and the product complies with the FCC standard part 15 instructions.

Metal bass passive radiators are designed on both sides of the speaker to enhance music dynamics and low frequency volume.

The Micro USB charging port has a thicker dust plug to improve waterproof performance.

In addition to the Micro USB charging interface, there is also a 3.5mm audio cable interface.

The four function buttons are microphone, volume -, volume +, pause/play/answer; the “N” mark on the left is equipped with an NFC sensor, which is close to the device with NFC to realize fast and automatic connection.

The contents of the box include power adapter, USB charging cable, carrying bag and product manual.

The speaker is placed in a storage bag, and the shape and volume of the storage bag are similar to those of the speaker.

The design of the storage bag is the same as that of the speaker. The frame of the speaker is made of leather and the rest is wrapped in dust-proof mesh.

USB-A to Micro USB charging cable.

Power Adapter.

The power adapter is a USB-A interface.

The information printed on the side of the power adapter has the product name: AC/DC: ADAPTER; model: KA1517-0502000USU; input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz 0.35A Max; output: 5V⎓2000mA, etc.

The bottom of the adapter is also printed on the product complying with the FCC standard Part 15 instructions.

52audio used the ChargerLAB POWER-Z KT002 portable power tester to perform a wired charging test on the Cleer STAGE smart voice bluetooth speaker. The input power was about 9.90W.

| 2. Cleer STAGE bluetooth speaker teardown

Coming to the disassembly part, first pry open the buckle structure of the dust screen cover.

Remove the dust screen cover.

The dust-proof net cover is composed of front and rear parts, which are connected together by a hinge structure.

Function buttons inside the dust-proof net cover.

The main structure of the speaker has two full-range speaker units on the front.

The back structure of the cavity.

At the junction of the cavity structure, there is a sponge fixed buffer attached with a circle.

Remove the sound frame structure.

The speaker indicator light is a long light guide column.

The metal radiating diaphragm on the side of the speaker has a CD pattern on the back panel.

Two microphone openings are located on the left and right sides of the back of the cavity. The part completely sealed with glue above the right microphone is the NFC antenna, which is done for waterproofing.

The microphone has a separate protective structure and is fixed to the main body by screws.

The pressure regulating hole of the sound box keeps air circulation in the sound cavity.

Remove the metal radiation diaphragm unit on the left and right sides.

On the outside of the metal radiation diaphragm, the back plate adopts the CD pattern process.

Inside the metal radiation diaphragm.

Tested by my love audio network, the radiating diaphragm is a metal passive basin.

The side structure of the cavity is connected with the main body by screws. The main board is fixed in the cavity through the card slot.

The other side has the same structure.

Remove the screws and remove the protective structure on both sides of the speaker.

A sealing rubber ring is arranged at the junction of the protection structure and the main body.

Remove the screws and take out the speaker unit. The speaker is connected to the motherboard through a wire socket, and the wire is wrapped in foam to prevent noise from resonance.

Two full-range speaker units, the back of the T iron which is connected to the main board is covered with a thick layer of buffer cotton.

The front of the speaker.

The information printed on the speaker T iron has an impedance of 4Ω, a power of 9W, and the production date is November 14, 2018.

The joint of the speaker and the cavity is also provided with a rubber wrap to enhance the sealing.

Slowly take out the motherboard. The motherboard is located in the cavity card slot with cloth tape to protect it.

Take out the motherboard to disassemble.

The function button board is also designed with a separate cavity, with a cushion rubber pad on the top.

Open the microphone independent cavity, the internal microphone is covered by a black rubber cover.

Laser carving 8840 KMM1 2275 2799 MEMS knowles silicon wheat.

Open the function button small board cavity.

Jog buttons on the small board.

The small indicator light board is also in a separate sealed cavity and is connected to the main board through a flat cable.

Open the cavity, there are no components on the back of the indicator plate.

There are 6 indicator lights and two larger ICs on the front of the small board.

Close-up of the LED indicator, 6 RGB LED indicators, provide lighting effects in different states.

TI LP55231 programmable 9-channel LED driver chip, the current size and PWM control of each channel can be adjusted individually, each channel supports a maximum current output of 25.5mA, has a high driving efficiency, and is dedicated to making lighting effects for mobile devices.

TI LP55231 detailed information.

Remove the power input interface. It is also an independently sealed cavity.

Remove the cover, the internal structure.

There are multiple LED indicators of different colors around the two function keys.

Come to the motherboard part, the components on the front of the motherboard.

Two 18650 battery packs are fixed on the back of the motherboard.

The battery model is ICR18650, the capacity is 2600mAh/19.24Wh, and the voltage is 7.4V. The production date is July 10, 2020.

Both ends of the battery pack are fixed on the motherboard by a frame and screws.

Tear off the blue plastic cover on the outside and stick a layer of high temperature tape inside.

The battery pack has a protection board, and the battery is insulated with barley insulation paper on the battery, and the protection board is also equipped with a thermistor to detect the temperature of the battery pack.

Two R010 chip resistors are connected in parallel to detect the battery output current for overcurrent protection.

Screen printing ABOX battery protection IC.

Three DIODES DMN2008LFU battery protection tubes are connected in parallel.

DIODES DMN2008LFU details.

Components on the back of the motherboard.

Four silk screen 108T and silk screen 01 Z MOS tubes.

SGMICRO SGM2036 1.0V low dropout voltage regulator, output current 300mA.

SGMICRO SGM2036 details.

Voltage regulator of MicroOne BBQL.

MXIC MX25U3235F memory, capacity 32M (4M x 8) used to store bluetooth connection information.

MXIC MX25U3235F detail information.

Three SGMICRO SGM4553, two bidirectional voltage converters, used for chip communication of different voltages, supporting system applications from 1.65 to 5.5V and 2.3 to 5.5V.

SGMICRO SGM4553 detailed information.

TI TPS62172 synchronous rectification step-down converter, output current 500mA, maximum input voltage 17V.

Four 10uh chip inductors are used for digital power amplifier output filtering and reinforced with glue.

Will SEMI ESD56241D18 18V TVS protection tube, used for input overvoltage protection.

Will SEMI ESD56241D18 details.

SILERGY SY6982E, 2 strings of synchronous boost lithium-ion charging IC, used to charge the built-in battery pack.

SILERGY SY6982E detailed information.

PMOS with silkscreen 3083 is used for circuit switching.

Voltage regulator of Microne BBQL.

SGMICRO SGM802 reset IC, reset delay can be configured by capacitor.

SGMICRO SGM802 detailed information.

Microne 65K5 voltage regulator tube.

TI TPS61088A 10A fully integrated synchronous voltage regulator converter. Equipped with an 11mΩ power switch and a 13mΩ rectifier switch, with a wide input voltage range of 2.7-12V, it provides support for single-cell or two-cell lithium battery applications and powers the power amplifier IC.

TI TAS5711 20W digital audio power amplifier supports 8-26V power supply and adopts digital signal input.

TI TAS5711 details.

TI TPS62243 1.8V300mA synchronous step-down converter.

TI TPS62243 details.

Silkscreen 6J222 IC.

MXIC MX25U6435F memory.

MXIC MX25U6435F detailed information.

The CONEXANT CX20921-21 processor is a high-performance voice wake-up, recognition, noise reduction, and echo cancellation processing IC. Integrated voice trigger function to support low-power wake-up voice; including 24-bit microphone analog-to-digital converter (ADC), dual-core 32-bit hardware digital signal processor (DSP) and integrated power management; combined with Conexant AudioSmart far-field voice input processing software, Realize noise suppression and echo cancellation.

CONEXANT CX20921-21 processor details.

The second MXIC MX25U6435F memory.

The main control chip adopts the Qualcomm CSR8670 wireless audio solution and supports bluetooth 4.2. In terms of audio transmission technology, it supports aptX, which can make bluetooth wireless audio reach the CD-level listening experience; supports up to 6 digital microphones and capacitive touch controllers; it contains a charging function inside, without the need to configure an external charging IC.

The dual-core architecture of Qualcomm CSR8670 includes an application processor, an ultra-low-power Kalimba DSP, and embedded flash memory, which enables CSR8670 to provide a very flexible solution and achieve a high degree of product differentiation.

According to 52audio, products from brands such as BOSE, SONY, 1MORE, Edifier, and vivo have all adopted Qualcomm solutions.

Qualcomm CSR8670 detailed information.

Onboard bluetooth antenna.

All components of Cleer STAGE portable bluetooth speaker.

| 3. Summary

The Cleer STAGE bluetooth speaker is an excellent product both in terms of appearance design and internal workmanship. The appearance design adopts a shape similar to a lady’s “handbag”. The structure is composed of a skeleton, a dust-proof net cover wrapped around it, and metal radiation diaphragms on both sides. The overall appearance is rich in texture and unique in design.

The internal structure is meticulous and full of materials. Each unit is equipped with a separate cavity, and is connected to the main board through a cable socket. A separate cavity provides better sealing. In addition, the structural junction is either equipped with a sealing rubber ring or sealed with a large amount of glue, so as to achieve IPX7 waterproof performance, and realize that it can be immersed in the water for 30 minutes influences.

In the internal configuration, two full-range speaker units are used, with a metal passive basin on the left and right sides, combined with TI TAS5711 20W digital audio power amplifier, to achieve a strong music experience; 2 strings of 18650 lithium ion battery packs with a total capacity of 5200mAh, set There is a double-layer plastic film for waterproof protection and a battery protection board.

On the motherboard, the main control chip adopts Qualcomm CSR8670 bluetooth audio SOC, supports bluetooth 4.2, supports aptx audio codec; CONEXANT CX20921-21 processor, combined with echo cancellation algorithm and call environment noise reduction algorithm, provides clear call quality; multiple MXIC memory IC, used to store bluetooth pairing and ALEXA intelligent voice assistant information. In other respects, a variety of TI synchronous stabilized voltage converter ICs are used; SGMICRO bidirectional voltage converters, reset ICs, low voltage converters; SILERGY SY6982E boost charging IC; and Will SEMI ESD56241D18 TVS protection tubes.

In general, the Cleer STAGE bluetooth speaker is a product that takes both the inside and the outside into consideration. The external design is stylish and unique, with strong recognition; the internal structure is solid in workmanship and the details are in place; the configuration is rich in materials to make it better The role of a function.

Source: 52audio

$79.99 at Amazon US

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