CLEER DU Wireless head-mounted bluetooth headphone teardown


Cleer is a smart audio brand from California, USA. It consists of a core team of senior designers and engineers in the audio industry. Its products have won various global awards including the Red Dot Design Award and the CES Technology Innovation Award. It has a number of patented technologies.

This time I bring you a dual-unit bluetooth headset——CLEER DU Wireless. In the appearance design, the head beam is made of metal material, the head cushion and earmuffs are made of artificial protein leather, with internal soft padding, which is soft to the touch and comfortable to wear; the retractable head beam has a unique structure design, supports folding functions, and has many collocations. To the shaft, easy to carry and comfortable to wear.

In terms of functional configuration, CLEER DU Wireless has a built-in 40mm custom dual sound unit that is responsible for medium and high frequency and low frequency respectively. It uses high-quality bluetooth transmission technology and supports aptX digital audio codec, which effectively improves the playback effect of bluetooth audio. It supports NFC near-field communication technology, and it can be connected with a mobile phone that also supports NFC function with one touch, and the pairing is simple and convenient; and it is equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack that supports wired connection input.

52audio also disassembled Cleer ALLY PLUS true wireless noise-cancelling earphones, Cleer ALLY true wireless bluetooth earphones, Cleer FLOW noise-cancelling bluetooth headset and Cleer HALO wireless neck-mounted smart speakers, and the product types are relatively rich. Let’s take a look at the internal structure of this product today!

| 1. CLEER DU Wireless Headset Unboxing

The packaging box uses a white background to better highlight the displayed information. On the front, there is a rendering of the appearance of the left headset of the product, the product name CLEER DU Wireless dual-unit bluetooth headset, HD audio and the 2018 TNT New Technology Award certification.

There is a detailed product function introduction on the back of the box, an analysis diagram of the dual unit inside the headset, and information such as aptX, NFC, and bluetooth logo.

There is an introduction to the accessory items in the box on the side, including a portable storage box, a USB charging cable, and a 3.5mm audio cable with wire control.

On the other side, there is a rendering of the overall appearance of the product and an introduction to the advantages of the dual drive unit.

At the bottom there are design company, trademark copyright description, and FCC, CE certification, recyclable and prohibition of discarding signs.

There are user manual, warranty card and acoustic calibration certificate in the box.

The headset and accessories are located in a portable storage box, which is housed in a sponge bag to prevent wear during transportation.

The appearance of the storage box is designed with cleer brand LOGO on the front.

The zipper of the storage box is also engraved with the cleer brand LOGO.

The back of the storage box is designed with a carrying strap for hanging and carrying.

The items in the storage box include headset, charging cables and 3.5mm audio cables.

USB-A to Micro-USB charging cable.

3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable for wired input.

The audio cable interface has different shapes at both ends for easy distinction.

There are two types of plugs: three-stage and four-stage, corresponding to left and right channels, grounding, and wire-controlled microphones.

There is a microphone opening on the back of the 3.5mm audio line control for call pickup.

There is a function button on the front, which is used to pause playback and answer and hang up calls.

Pry off the wire control, the internal structure of the cavity.

Function button structure inside the wire control cover.

In the cavity, the button is slightly moved at the center of the front of the small plate.

There are multiple resistors and a microphone on the back of the small board.

The electret microphone is covered by a dust-proof net on the front.

The microphone opening on the inner cavity of the remote control is covered with dustproof cotton to prevent foreign objects from entering.

The wires at both ends of the wire control are fixed by metal wire harnesses to prevent the wires from being pulled out accidentally.

The outer appearance of the headset, the shell uses black color matching, with white LOGO.

The inside appearance of the headset, the head cushion and earmuffs are in red color, and there are L/R logos inside the earmuffs.

The headset supports folding function, which reduces the space volume and is convenient to carry out.

The side of the headset has a strong contrast between black and red, and the contrasting color design is trendy and eye-catching.

The head cushion of the headset is made of artificial protein leather, which is soft and delicate to the skin.

A close-up of the junction of the headband and the shaft structure, printed with the cleer DU product name.

A close-up of the headphone shaft structure, using a unique L-shaped design.

The headset folding structure, metal material, improve product quality and service life.

The telescopic slide rail structure of the head beam is also made of metal.

The thickness of the metal sliding arm is compared with the RMB coin.

The R logo is printed inside the ear cup on the inner right ear.

The “C” brand LOGO, HD audio and bluetooth 4.1 information are printed on the outer back panel.

Micro-USB charging port and check the remaining battery button.

Four indicators are used to check the remaining power of the headset.

Come to the left headset, the L logo is printed on the inside.

The back panel is also designed with “C” product LOGO, NFC logo and bluetooth 4.1.

There is a 3.5mm audio cable interface on the side of the headset and a microphone opening.

The three function buttons are power button, volume down, and volume up in sequence, and there is a pairing connection indicator in the middle position.

There are pressure relief holes at the edge of the back cover to ensure air circulation in the cavity.

DUAL-DRIVER SYSTEM is printed on the inner side of the shaft structure.

The depth of earmuffs is compared with RMB coins.

52audio uses ChargerLAB POWER-Z KT002 portable power tester to perform wired charging test on CLEER DU Wireless bluetooth headset, with an input power of about 1.5282W.

| 2. CLEER DU Wireless Headset Teardown

Coming to the disassembly part, first rotate and remove the earmuffs fixed by the buckles.

Dust net inside the earmuffs.

The direction of rotation of the buckle is printed on the ear cups.

From the headset sound cavity cover, you can see the dual drive unit inside the cavity.

The label information on the sound cavity cover has product model: DU Wireless, product name: dual speaker wireless headset, CMIIT ID: 2016DP6292, Shenzhen Grandsun Electronics Co., Ltd., made in China.

First disassemble the left headset. The sound cavity cover is fixed by four screws. From the sound cavity cover it can be seen that one of the driving units is placed at an oblique angle, which is more conducive to better sound reception by the ear canal.

Remove the screw to open the cavity and the internal structure of the cavity.

The back of the dual-drive speaker unit. Damping paper is attached to the back of a speaker for acoustic tuning. There are multiple tuning holes on the cavity to allow air to circulate in the cavity.

The side of the sound chamber is sealed and fixed by screws.

The tuning hole of the tone cavity is covered with tuning sponge.

The other larger tuning hole is covered by tuning cotton.

The speaker wire is welded to the small plate in the left headset cavity.

Open the dual-drive unit sound cavity.

A loudspeaker is fixed on the frame and presents an oblique angle.

The front of the speaker unit.

There is a layer of damping paper covering the back of the low frequency speaker unit. Red embellishment, to distinguish it from mid- and high-frequency drive units.

According to 52audio’s actual measurement, the size of the low-frequency speaker is about 40mm, which is consistent with the official publicity.

The back of another speaker unit is responsible for mid-to-high frequencies.

The front of the mid-high speaker.

According to 52audio’s actual measurement, the size of the mid-to-high frequency speakers is also 40mm.

Two speaker units on the back.

The front of two speaker units.

In the internal structure of the left headset cavity, there is a 3.5mm audio input board and a main board unit.

The audio input board is fixed on the cavity by two screws.

The main board is fixed on the cavity wall by a buckle.

The inside of the NFC antenna is covered with shielding paper to prevent interference.

Shield sticker.

The NFC small plate is fixed on the inner side of the earmuff back plate.

The IC of the silk screen A52G is used for quick connection of the NFC function.

Inside the microphone opening on the cavity.

The internal structure of another pressure relief hole.

There are 3.5mm audio cable female socket and an IC on the front of the audio input small board.

The components on the back of the audio input board are welded with the microphone unit wire and the wire socket connected to the right ear.

The microphone is protected by a rubber cover to enhance the sealing of the microphone and help improve the quality of voice calls.

Remove the plastic cover, the microphone is covered with a layer of dustproof cotton.

The IC of the silk screen 35F382.

The structure of the indicator light guide column.

There are two larger ICs and many neatly arranged peripheral components on the front of the motherboard.

There are three function buttons and indicator lights in the center of the back of the motherboard.

The three function buttons on the motherboard are of the same specification.

The LED indicator light has a rubber cover to prevent light leakage.

FM FM24C512D memory, used to store bluetooth configuration information.

FM FM24C512D detailed information.

Onboard bluetooth antenna.

The triode of silk screen K38.

TI TPS78233 3.3V output, low quiescent current, 150mA low dropout voltage regulator.

TI TPS78233 detailed information.

TI TPA6133A2 headphone amplifier, built-in charge pump without output capacitor, supports GPIO control, used to drive the internal speaker unit of the headset.

Qualcomm CSR8645 dual-mode ROM audio SoC, bluetooth version 4.1. Integrate dual-mode bluetooth radio, low-power DSP, application processor, battery charger, memory, and various audio and hardware interfaces, support cVc voice processing technology and aptX codec technology, provided in a ROM-based economical single-chip package High-quality voice and music functions, suitable for integrated single-chip solutions of smaller designs.

Qualcomm CSR8645 detailed information.

Remove the screw and open the right headset cavity.

There are battery cells and two small plates inside the cavity, all of which are fixed on the cavity wall in order to make room for the dual unit drive.

The two small plates are fixed on the cavity wall by screws, and are connected to each other by a cable socket.

The battery unit is also fixed on the cavity wall through the slot structure.

Polymer lithium-ion soft pack battery model: JHY852030, capacity: 450mAh, voltage: 3.7V, production date: April 15, 2016. From JUHEYUAN SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.

The battery protection board provides battery over-voltage, over-discharge and over-current protection. The protection board also has a thermistor to detect battery temperature.

Light guide structure of power indicator.

The front of the power input board is welded with a Micro-B charging port and a remaining battery query function button.

On the back of the power input board, a wire socket is welded to connect with the right ear motherboard.

There are four LED indicators on the back of the motherboard on the right ear.

There are many IC units arranged in a regular arrangement on the front, the welding wire is connected to the right ear main board, and the wire socket is connected to the power supply board.

LED indicator.

TI BQ24092 Lithium battery linear charging IC with a maximum charging current of 1A, which charges the built-in lithium battery of the headset.

TI BQ24092 detailed information.

TI TPS78230 3.0V voltage regulator, provides power for the microcontroller.

TI BQ27425 microcontroller peripherals provide system-side power monitoring for single-cell lithium-ion batteries. The patented Impedance Track™ algorithm supports power monitoring, which can provide information such as remaining battery capacity (mAh), charging status (%) and battery voltage (mV) for accurate power display.

TI BQ27425 detailed information.

TI MSP430G2403 has 8KB flash memory, 512B SRAM, UART/SPI/I2C and timer 16MHz MCU microcontroller.

TI’s MSP series of ultra-low-power microcontrollers consist of multiple devices with different peripheral sets for various applications. The architecture combines five low-power modes and is optimized to extend battery life in portable measurement applications. The device has a powerful 16-bit RISC CPU, 16-bit registers and constant generator, which helps improve code efficiency. The digitally controlled oscillator (DCO) allows the device to wake up from low power mode to active mode in less than 1 µs.

TI MSP430 detailed information.

All components of CLEER DU Wireless bluetooth headsets.

| 3. Summary

The CLEER DU Wireless bluetooth headset has a unique design. The L-shaped shaft structure and metal head beam can not only realize the functions of expansion, folding, and left-right rotation, but also effectively improve the product texture and recognition. The head cushion and earmuffs are made of artificial protein leather, which is soft and comfortable to wear. The red color is in sharp contrast with the black body, showing passion and vitality.

In terms of the internal structure configuration, two 40mm speaker units are equipped in both ears to handle the mid-high and low-frequency sound quality in a division of labor; due to the dual drive units, the main board unit in the cavity adopts a two-division solution with multiple small boards. And the battery units are respectively fixed on the inner wall of the cavity edge and connected by wires, leaving space for the speaker unit.

On the motherboard, the main control chip uses Qualcomm CSR8645 audio SoC, integrated dual-mode bluetooth radio, low-power DSP, supports cVc voice processing technology and aptX codec technology. It also uses a large number of TI devices, including TPA6133A2 amp chip, used to drive the internal speaker unit of the headset; MSP430 MCU for power display; BQ27425 microcontroller peripherals, providing power monitoring, and realizing the remaining power query function; BQ24092 lithium battery linear charging IC , To charge the headset built-in lithium battery; TPS78233 low dropout regulator, etc. FM FM24C512D memory is also used to store bluetooth configuration information.

On the whole, CLEER DU Wireless bluetooth headset have unique features and advantages in both appearance design and internal configuration. Fashionable appearance design, dual drive unit system, and high-quality bluetooth transmission technology can bring a comfortable wearing experience and high-quality music effects to meet consumers’ many needs for a head-mounted bluetooth headset.

Source: 52audio

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