Cleer Crescent multi-channel smart voice audio speaker review


Earlier smart speakers, built-in AI voice assistants, can be linked with smart home equipment, experience novelty, and the market is growing rapidly; in recent years, with the increase of smart interactive devices, the voice interaction function of traditional smart speakers has slowed people’s appeal Slowly becoming weaker, consumers’ attention has returned to the essence of speaker products——sound quality performance.

In 2019, Qualcomm released a market report on “Global Consumer Use of Smart Speaker Products”. Research shows that consumers prioritize features such as sound quality, high-volume playback without distortion, and product portability when choosing wireless speakers. The market demand revealed behind this is that consumers really need smart speakers with better sound quality.

How to improve the sound quality of smart speakers? Using high-quality loudspeaker units, increasing the number of loudspeakers, and optimizing the design of the sound cavity are all effective methods. However, the difficulty in design and development, production technology, cost control, etc., will increase with relatively high thresholds. The market returns are not necessarily better, so we see that there are relatively few brands engaged in the field of high-end smart speakers in the market.

Cleer Crescent Speaker

Today, I will take you to experience a smart speaker with a price of 700 dollars——Cleer Crescent. The appearance of this product is like its name, like a crescent, golden body, metal mesh cover, Chinese and Western decoration styles can be integrated. The speaker has built-in eight 40mm full-range speakers and two 84mm low-frequency speakers, combined with a unique glass fiber reinforced structure and arched design, which can bring excellent sound quality; to cope with different use requirements and use environments, Cleer Crescent comes with stereo plus There are three sound effect modes: wide, 3D surround, and room filling, which can be switched quickly and conveniently.

As a smart speaker, Cleer Crescent has conducted in-depth cooperation with Tencent Xiaowei in the Chinese market. The speaker has built-in Tencent Xiaowei voice assistant and QQ music. The operation of playing music, adjusting the volume, and setting the alarm can be controlled by voice. Through the Tencent Xiaowei applet, Cleer Crescent” can also perform WeChat listening, making voice calls, and controlling smart homes. Let’s take a look at the detailed review below.

| 1. It looks like a “heart moon”, full of auspicious meaning

Traditional smart speakers are mostly square-shaped or cylindrical, and the surface is wrapped in a woven mesh. There are both acoustic considerations and cost trade-offs, but the small size always lacks in acoustic performance. If you want to improve the sound quality, you can only buy a combination of multiple smart speakers, which takes up more plugs and space.

Cleer Crescent Speaker

Let’s take a look at the design of the Cleer Crescent multi-channel smart voice premium speaker. What do you think it looks like for the first time? Like the moon and gold ingots, there are actually related design elements inside. The designer also integrates the imagery of smooth sailing and smiling faces. The unique arc design and the combination of yin and yang are impressive and can better Incorporate into different home improvement styles.

Cleer Crescent Speaker

The status indicator of the speaker is white during control, light blue during voice interaction, and light red when the microphone is turned off; the number of lights on represents the volume, which is more intuitive.

Cleer Crescent Speaker

The layout of the back of the speaker is displayed, and the location of the interface and the bass port is relatively hidden, and it will not particularly affect the aesthetics when placed in an open space. The color of Cleer Crescent speaker is different in different light. The golden texture is more prominent under warm light, and the color of the shell is colder under cold light.

Cleer Crescent Speaker

The dust-proof net on the surface of the Cleer Crescent speaker is made of stainless steel, and the top control panel is made of brushed aluminum. The combination of the two materials gives a different touch. The left control area is the microphone switch key, the sound effect mode selection key, and the sound source selection key in turn. There is an indicator light next to the key. On the far right is the volume adjustment button and the play/pause button.

Cleer Crescent Speaker

The position of the seam between the metal mesh cover and the bottom fuselage.

Cleer Crescent Speaker

The position of the bass port.

Cleer Crescent Speaker

The interfaces supported by the speaker are reset hole, AUX 3.5mm audio interface, OPT optical input interface, DC power interface, and LAN LAN interface from left to right.

Cleer Crescent Speaker

A power adapter, AUX 3.5mm audio cable and OPT fiber optic cable are included in the box. The input parameters of the power adapter are 100-240V~50/60Hz 2.5A, the output is 18.0V⎓5.0A, and the maximum power is 90W. The power cord is a two-pin plug, which does not take up too much space in the socket or socket.

Cleer Crescent Speaker

The bottom of the speaker is a flat surface, printed with the product name and power parameters; there are two curved non-slip rubber strips on the side.

Cleer Crescent Speaker

The Cleer Crescent smart voice audio speaker is large in size and has a certain weight, which is suitable for fixed use in a certain scene at home. The curved design of the fuselage is smooth, and it looks like a work of art when placed on a desktop or a bookshelf alone, and there is no sense of contradiction when combined with a wall-mounted TV. It is more versatile.

| 2. Outstanding acoustic configuration, powerful sound, and diverse sound effects

After introducing the appearance, let’s take a look at how the Cleer Crescent smart voice audio speaker experiences in daily use, and how the main high sound quality and three sound modes of the product are.

①. Connection and pairing

Cleer Crescent Speaker

Cleer Crescent smart voice audio speaker has a richer interface. Here we mainly introduce its wireless connection method. When you use it for the first time, the speaker will automatically enter the network configuration state. When you open the “Tencent Xiaowei” applet on WeChat, there will be a pop-up reminder. Just enter the WiFi password as prompted, which is very convenient. Cleer Crescent supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi, and the new router can also be adapted. If you are worried about the unstable WiFi connection, you can directly use the network cable to connect through the LAN port.

Cleer Crescent Speaker

Cleer Crescent speaker also supports Bluetooth wireless connection. Press the source button on the control panel, select BT, which is the Bluetooth mode, and press and hold for 5 seconds to enter the Bluetooth pairing mode, which is also very convenient and quick. It is reported that its main control chip adopts Amlogic A113X, Bluetooth version 4.2, built-in four A53 CPU cores, ultra-low power consumption, strengthened audio channels, and supports high security by virtue of software digital signal processing algorithms for processing the front and back ends. For true audio output, many mainstream smart speaker products also use this chip.

The leftmost side of the control panel is the microphone mute button. If you don’t want the voice assistant to wake up accidentally or you don’t want to use the voice control function, you can turn off the built-in microphone.

②. Acoustic configuration

Cleer Crescent Speaker

In terms of acoustic configuration, the Cleer Crescent multi-channel smart voice audio speaker has built-in 8 40mm full-frequency strong magnetic neodymium iron boron speakers (single speaker rated power 8W), mainly responsible for the middle and high frequencies of the sound, two 84mm large size low frequency strong magnetic neodymium iron Boron speaker (single speaker rated power 25W), and 2 low-frequency inverter tube design, improve the low-frequency effect; the inside of the speaker, as shown in the figure, glass fiber reinforced structure, arched design, in order to bring a balanced and wide sound field.

Cleer Crescent Speaker

In order to cope with different usage requirements and usage environments, Cleer Crescent comes with three sound effect modes: stereo widening, 3D surround, and room filling. When using, users can easily switch between these three modes and find the most suitable one through real-time comparison. Pattern. Let me talk about the overall sense of hearing first, and then I will share with you in detail the usage scenarios and sound differences of different modes.

After getting used to using TWS headphones and a single smart speaker, the first feeling of hearing the sound of Cleer Crescent is shock. The layering of high, middle and low frequencies is very obvious, and any subtle changes in sound can be heard; the degree of separation between human voice and music is very high. High, it’s like singing in front of you, the voice is clear, and you can feel the slight changes in the teeth or the corners of the mouth. In addition, when listening to pure music such as drums and running water, the bass is strong and the high frequency is clear, and there is a strong sense of presence.

Because speakers have a large use space, as mentioned in the Qualcomm market research report, ordinary consumers are very sensitive to the feature of loud sound without breaking the sound, and it is easy to regard loud sound and high sound quality as the same thing without comparison. Cleer Crescent has a good balance between the two, and does not overemphasize the loudness of the sound at high volume.

③. Sound effect mode

Cleer Crescent Speaker

The use scenarios of speaker products are relatively diverse, such as listening to music, watching movies, playing games, and setting up the atmosphere at parties. Different scenarios have different requirements for sound effects. The solution of smart speakers is to calculate audio. Cleer Crescent has built-in stereo widening, 3D surround, and room filling three sound effect modes. It uses an exclusive DSP audio algorithm. It uses a unique acoustic array technology composed of multiple internal speakers and cleverly uses beamforming technology to achieve a better sense of hearing. real.

The control panel at the top of the Cleer Crescent speaker has a sound mode switch button, and there is an indicator next to it. The blue indicator corresponds to the stereo widening mode, the red indicator corresponds to the 3D surround mode, and the green indicator corresponds to the 360-degree filling mode. The user can Conveniently and quickly switch between different modes to compare and experience, and easily find the sound mode that suits you best.

Cleer Crescent Speaker

The stereo widening mode is like having a speaker on the left and right to play the sound. It has the stereo effect when wearing headphones. It is the best to listen to the speaker, and you can experience a very different sense of immersion. The sound field can be extended to the actual speaker. Outside of the location, it is more suitable to enjoy music or video alone.

The 3D surround mode is designed for video or game scenes. The Cleer Crescent smart speaker can create a high-resolution sound quality three-dimensional surrounding sound field for the listener, and there are no restrictions on the placement of the speakers. Using the 3D surround mode to listen to music feels that the human voice is coming from the top of the speaker, surrounded by ambient sounds, and listening to Live music has a better atmosphere.

The room filling mode is prepared for party scenes. Everyone sits together, watching movies and listening to music. Every angle hears the same high-quality sound, even in the horizontal direction of the speakers. , There are stereo effects, and the experience is better.

④. smart voice assistant

Cleer Crescent Speaker

Frankly speaking, for a smart speaker product priced at $700, its product focus is mainly on the acoustic configuration, and the smart voice interaction function will not be much different from the traditional smart speaker. Cleer Crescent has conducted in-depth cooperation with the smart voice assistant-Tencent Xiaowei in the Chinese market. The official account and WeChat applet can be used for pairing and daily use, which is very convenient.

Cleer Crescent Speaker

The built-in Tencent Xiaowei assistant on Cleer Crescent can bind QQ Music and WeChat Tingshu accounts, wake up “Xiaowei, Xiaowei” to play playlist music, listen to books, ask the weather, set alarms, etc., and interact with mobile devices The smart home brands that can be linked to each other by dialing WeChat calls include OPPLE, Midea, Tuya smart, Aqara, etc., with more complete functions.


The moon is a different kind of emotional sustenance for the Chinese. The design of the Cleer Crescent “Heart Month” multi-channel smart voice audio speaker is based on the “crescent moon” and incorporates auspicious images such as ingots, smooth sailing, and smiling faces. Inside, the meaning is rich and original. The overall sound box is simple and elegant, with full sense of lines, coupled with the unique texture of the metal material, so that it can be integrated into a variety of home environments such as Chinese classical or Western fashion, and it is much ahead of traditional smart speakers in terms of appearance design.

Cleer Crescent smart speaker has built-in eight 40mm full-range speakers and two 84mm low-frequency speakers, combined with a unique glass fiber reinforced structure and arched design, which can bring excellent sound quality; in order to cope with different use requirements and use environments, the speaker comes with There are three sound effect modes: stereo widening, 3D surround, and room filling, which can be switched quickly and conveniently. In addition to supporting WiFi and Bluetooth wireless connection methods, it can also be connected to other audio source devices through the AUX audio interface and OPT optical fiber interface to become a part of the home theater.

In terms of basic smart voice interaction, Cleer Crescent is equipped with Tencent’s Xiaowei voice assistant, which has a wealth of QQ music library resources, can use the WeChat listening function, and can voice control smart home products of many brands.

Any consumer market will have three different price ranges: high, medium and low brand layout. Cleer’s audio products are aimed at high-end user groups who pursue comfortable experience and ultimate sound. Like the Cleer true wireless earphones and head-mounted bluetoot that I have disassembled in my previous reviews. Headphones, bluetooth speakers, etc. are positioned relatively high. While having flagship configuration, they are different from similar products in industrial design. They are very attractive to high-end users who pursue quality and show their individuality.


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