BUTTONS Air X earphones are launched in stunning new colors


Recently, the trendy technology brand BUTTONS has launched two new color schemes, “Sun Magic Orange” and “Mist Blue”, fully interpreting the technological aesthetics contained in the brand with a futuristic appearance and brilliant colors. Integrate cutting-edge technology and trend aesthetics to embrace the digital age. At present, the new color BUTTONS Air X true wireless bluetooth earphones has been officially sold in the Tmall BUTTONS flagship store.


Multi-color, trendy and versatile

In this era of “beauty in appearance is justice”, the appearance of earphones reflects aesthetic taste to a certain extent. BUTTONS Air X inherits BUTTONS’s iconic classic diamond-cut shape, simple hexagonal lines outline a unique design concept, full of fashion technology The trendy features of “Deep Space Gray”, “Nebula Pink”, “Mist Blue” and “Sun Magic Orange” are four trend colors to create a combination of technology and fashionable lifestyle. The trend of the future will extend to unlimited possibilities due to technological innovation, and technological innovation will also be given different meanings by fashion.


The orange sun captures the sun’s rays, representing the perfect fusion of nature and technology, full of vitality and presence, subverting traditional imagination, bright colors break through the limitations in one second, and all kinds of trendy colors are fashionable and versatile; while mist blue is A cutting-edge new color with psychedelic and romantic colors. The matte material is simple, clean and transparent, and extremely romantic.

BUTTONS brand founder will.i.am said: “BUTTONS is committed to integrating street culture and trendy lifestyles into audio smart wearable products. Through technology, it continues to break through the boundaries of artistic creation and make artistic expression more free. We hope to make earphones more To become a fashion accessory that can express oneself and highlight individuality, allowing the owner to stand on the cutting edge of fashion while enjoying excellent sound quality.”

The ultimate sound reshapes the sensory experience

In addition to the trendy, versatile and beautiful appearance, the BUTTONS Air X series of active noise reduction true wireless bluetooth earphones are also highly recognized by users for their good sound quality and multiple practical functions. The sound unit part uses a 10mm biological fiber + AU composite diaphragm unit, and is customized by the founder of Black Eyed Peas, will.i.am. The bass is surging and powerful, the treble is transparent and bright, with excellent dynamics and low Distortion, more sound details, bring a more shocking and more realistic listening experience, let people enjoy the sound quality comparable to HiFi, and revel in the rich and high-quality sound.


In addition, due to the careful creation of the BUTTONS earphones R&D team, the BUTTONS Air X earphones is not only equipped with the current flagship Qualcomm QCC5124 bluetooth chip in the bluetooth earphones industry, but also with optimized antenna technology to bring outstanding connection stability and multi-audio format compatibility And a more comfortable wearing experience to meet the differentiated needs of users. At the same time, it also has a strong battery life. It can last for 10 hours to listen to songs when it is fully charged, and it can last up to 30 hours with a charging case. It is also equipped with “fast charging” and dual sound based on the new generation of TWS Plus technology. Intimate link, full-surface intelligent touch, automatic ear detection, IPX4 waterproof, 5 pairs of 10 pieces of silicone earmuffs suitable for different auricle sizes, and other intimate “black technology” combination designs.


What’s more noteworthy is that, in order to comprehensively enhance the perfect hearing experience of BUTTONS Air X players in multiple scenarios, BUTTONS Air X is equipped with a dual noise reduction solution. Among them, the FF+FB composite feedback active noise reduction system based on Qualcomm ANC technology, The amount of noise reduction can reach up to 35dB, eliminating most of the noise interference in the low frequency band, and you can have a quiet and private listening experience outdoors; and based on Qualcomm cVc technology, a digital Mic call noise reduction system is created, which can automatically reduce/eliminate echo according to the call scene In addition to the ambient noise, you can make clear calls in noisy environments. In addition, the Ambient Sound Mode function allows you to perceive sound from the surrounding environment without removing the earphones after turning on, which reduces noise and improves the safety of the wearer. Sex. On the whole, whether you are listening to music in various scenes such as sports, leisure, travel, or watching videos and practicing listening, the BUTTONS Air X series active noise reduction true wireless bluetooth earphones is a very suitable earphones.


Outstanding appearance design, stable performance, brand-new color matching, and the BUTTONS earphones that collide with trendy technology and fashion style, provide a new interpretation of the aesthetics of technological trends. The chemical reaction between avant-garde technology and trendy fashion allows fashionistas to play a trendy life under the blessing of technology, satisfying the individualized trend and fashion pursuit of contemporary young people, and further exploring the beneficial paradigm of future unboundedness.


BUTTONS is a trendy technology brand from Los Angeles, USA, founded in Hollywood by world-renowned musicians, cutting-edge technology investors and entrepreneurs will.i.am. The brand is committed to integrating street culture and trendy lifestyles into audio smart wearable products to provide an unprecedented trend technology experience for the new generation of consumers.



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