Astrotec S80 Plus: TWS earphones for listening to popular music


Astrotec S80Plus

Let’s talk about the Astrotec brand first. I believe most of my friends will not be unfamiliar with it. As a headphone brand among Chinese manufacturers, its product reviews have always been good, focusing on sound quality. There is no overwhelming publicity, and I silently make my own products. In my heart, Astrotec is one of the best earphone brands in China. Ever since I bought a pair of Astrotec LYRA, I have fallen in love with this brand. I am fortunate to be able to evaluate this Astrotec S80 Plus wireless earphones this time, and I look forward to it.

| Unboxing

Concise pull-out outer packaging, most brands currently use this simple and direct packaging, with a small handle on the top and an opening design for the accessory box. After opening, the earphone body is wrapped in high-density protective cotton, and the accessory box is below. There are also two manuals in the box. The quick guide is printed with silver paint. I personally think that the clarity is not good. The direct guidance is very friendly for novice players, and the correct demonstration of wearing is also attached. This is still very important. I have seen people with earphones not wearing correctly on the subway countless times. The small white paper is mainly for scanning the code to enter the official account for detailed instructions. Even if the packaging instructions are lost in the future, you can easily check them on your mobile phone at any time, find troubleshooting solutions and seek after-sales customer service help, which is very convenient.

Astrotec S80Plus

The appearance design of the charging case is more unique than other manufacturers. Astrotec always likes to play something different on the charging case. This time the s80plus is wrapped in denim canvas, and the flip part is made of ordinary plastic, which is not strong. The visual contrast gives people a special feeling. I have to say that I personally like this look. First of all, the denim has a good feel, and it has the effect of anti-skid and sweat-proof, and it will not stick to fingerprints. It’s very durable, and the LOGO printed on the right side of the flip is very advanced.

Astrotec S80Plus Astrotec S80Plus

Unlike the magnetic opening and closing lid design used by most manufacturers, Astrotec S80plus uses a snap-in lid opening and closing method. You must use both hands to open the lid. There is no convenient magnetic operation. The advantage is that the possibility of opening the lid by mistake is completely eliminated. For users who are accustomed to the magnetic design, it may take a little time to adapt.

There is still a magnetic guide design in the earphone compartment, which can easily place the earphone in the correct position. From the overall workmanship, all places are clean and regular, and the mold accuracy is very good.

Astrotec S80PlusAstrotec S80PlusThe Astrotec S80plus earphones is a standard ergonomic in-ear design, with a dark gold decorative strip on the outside, which is individual and unassuming. The workmanship of the earphone is well-fitted, and nothing can be faulty. After all, it is a pair of earphones that support IPX5 waterproof.

Astrotec S80Plus

Briefly introduce the basic parameters, the operation method is very simple, and it is also the current mainstream operation solution. The main and auxiliary earphones are switched, and the Bluetooth 5.0 technology has lower latency and more stability. One thing to point out is that after heavy use this week, this Astrotec S80plus earphones did not have the problem of not being able to disconnect. Although I know that many products are prone to the problem that you cannot disconnect the earphone after installing the earphone into the charging case.

In terms of effective distance, the actual measurement is within 10 meters of open space, and within 6 meters of doors and windows can be perfectly connected. A full charge can be used for more than 4 hours in a single use, and the charging case can provide 4-5 times of charging.

| Sound quality performance

Astrotec’s tuning has always been excellent, which is the basis for its ability to attract fans. According to the overall evaluation of the Astrotec brand that I have heard, Astrotec’s sound quality tuning is very suitable for listening to popular, especially female voices. Here are a few songs that I think are more representative to illustrate the sound quality of this Astrotec S80plus. (The sound quality evaluation is purely personal opinion, not the Astrotec LYRA in hand as a comparison)

1. 《天空》——王菲. An ethereal and powerful female voice. Audition feeling: excellent vocal performance, few burrs in the high pitch, clear tone. Rating: 8

2. 《在水一方》——赵鹏. Vocal subwoofer, a frequent visitor to sound auditions. Audition feeling: the bass penetration is sufficient, the magnetic part of the human voice has no sense of disintegration, and the sense of energy is coming. Rating: 9

3. 《The rain》——久石让. Pure music that can evoke the story in your heart, without good equipment, there is no feel at all. Audition feeling: the sound of violin music can be expressed before and after, and the elements of each instrument are analyzed and separated well. Rating: 8

4. 《unravel》——TK. The voice characteristics are unprecedented. Audition feeling: The human voice is slightly thin, and the tone at the high pitch is not balanced and correct. Although there are not many details, the overall performance is qualified. Rating: 7.5

Astrotec S80Plus

The overall sound quality of Astrotec S80plus is satisfactory. After all, as a 300RMB earphone, it has achieved a level of sound quality that is sufficiently cost-effective. First of all, the tone is not particularly inclined, the low frequency brings good fullness, the non-dragging scale response is very neutral, and the three-frequency energy distribution is reasonable to the middle and lower, the overall is very clean, and the balance is good.

In terms of music style, popular styles such as R&B, punk, rock, and folk songs can be well controlled. Typical multi-style earphones can be driven by ordinary mobile phones, and there is no need to specifically adjust the equalizer.

Astrotec S80Plus

| Summary

Astrotec S80 Plus is a good earphones worth recommending experience. It is unique in appearance, beautiful and not identical. In terms of sound quality, the balance is very good, especially suitable for listening to pop music. Whether it is connectivity, sound quality or battery life, this product is in line with the needs of daily equipment. IP54 dustproof and waterproof, beautiful appearance, affordable price and high cost performance. The price of around 300RMB can have such a performance, impeccable. Even in this already crowded market segment with many TWS earphones, it is still one of the most recommended products in the near future.

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