Apple’s new headset is to be released this month?


This year Apple has held several conferences uncharacteristically, but there are still some products that have not been officially announced. According to the latest media news, Apple AirPods Studio headset will be officially released in the form of a press release at the end of this month. The price is $350 for the sports version and $599 for the high-end luxury version.

Apple AirPods Studio

In fact, relevant information about the new product AirPods Studio was exposed earlier this year, especially in the test version of the iOS 14 system, its icon appeared many times, which also made the public confirm that this product does indeed exist.

According to the news, AirPods Studio will support the new active noise reduction function, and will also support the wearing sensor function, by detecting the wearing state of the headset, when the headset is detected to be taken off, the music will automatically pause, and the headset will be Continue playing.

In addition, the news also shows that AirPods Studio will support direction detection, and AirPods Studio will have a sensor that can detect left and right ears to route audio channels, which means that there will be no problems with the left and right sides of the headset.

Although more expensive, Apple’s products have never disappointed. I wonder if you will buy them?


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