aigo T10 true wireless bluetooth earphones, give you pure music experience


In recent years, new smart technologies have become increasingly mature, and new technologies such as environmental noise reduction and smart voice have been added to the specifications of true wireless bluetooth earphones. As a well-known audio product manufacturer in China, aigo makes full use of years of audio product development and production experience to develop and launch new products in a timely manner to meet the needs of different consumers. Recently, aigo launched a blockbuster new high-end product——True wireless HiFi bluetooth earphones T10, which is equipped with Lou’s moving iron unit, and integrates Qualcomm QCC-BT5.0, EROS professional HiFi tuning technology, for music enthusiasts Brings original and excellent sound quality.

aigo T10

As we all know, lossless sound quality has always been a weakness of true wireless earphones, but aigo T10 uses a Lou’s moving iron unit, which is small in size, low in power consumption and excellent in sound quality, especially in terms of human voice performance, which is very delicate and linear. High-intensity resolution can restore more details of music, and equipped with EROS professional HiFi tuning technology, enjoy the sense of hearing. The clear and translucent high frequency, the loose and moist of the mid frequency, the layering of the low frequency and the fineness of the mid frequency are fully embodied by the aigo T10, bringing high-quality sound effects to music enthusiasts.

The size of the aigo T10 earphones is very small. The weight of a single earphones is only 6g, which will not cause a burden on our ears. And the earphones is IPX5 waterproof, there is no problem when dealing with sports scenes such as running and fitness.

aigo T10

In addition, aigo T10 uses Qualcomm QCC bluetooth 5.0 chip and supports Qualcomm APT-X bluetooth lossless technology. In addition to the preservation of sound details, it also brings a more stable connection experience in long-distance sound source transmission. Whether playing games or watching movies and TV series, it can bring you an excellent experience without stuttering and low latency.

In today’s anxious battery life, the battery life of a product is an important factor that many users need to consider when buying a product. Aigo T10 is fully charged for about 8 hours per use, and when used with the battery compartment, the battery life can last up to about 32 hours.

Inheriting the high-quality pedigree of EROS, aigo T10 is equipped with the ninth-generation CVC and dual MIC call noise reduction technology, which automatically reduces environmental noise, strengthens the radio effect, brings a more enjoyable immersive experience, and restores a more pure sound. Even if we are in a noisy environment such as subway or railway stations, we can still make clear voice calls.

aigo T10

aigo T10 has a “zero touch, no wake-up” intelligent voice function, some users can quickly realize the control of the mobile phone through voice, wake up operations such as payment, photographing, and search.

At the same time, the aigo T10 true wireless bluetooth earphones is small and easy to carry, and the classic black color scheme is more suitable for young people who pursue fashion. The earphone adopts popular touch operation, and it is easy to tap “Pause/Play/Previous Song/Next Song/Answer/Hang Up/Volume Up/Volume Down”, and there is a corresponding APP for adjusting the above touch functions.

At present, as a veteran manufacturer of smart electronic products in China, aigo adheres to the brand concept of “creating good things for the people” and has demonstrated the advantages of its silent research and development technology in audio, storage, smart home and other fields, giving countless young people Of consumers bring smart electronic products with excellent appearance and hard-core quality.


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