What? You haven’t heard of bone conduction headphones, so you must have been out of touch with the trend for a long time. As a new form of earphones, bone conduction earphones have made the limelight in recent years, and their popularity in the market is no less than the hotly-hyped active noise reduction and true wireless earphones.

In addition to the unique experience of open listening, the popularity of bone conduction headphones is also due to its audience: sports people who use bone conduction headphones are born to love performance, and those with mermaid line vests are naturally more attractive.

But if you think that bone conduction headphones are only suitable for sports, you are quite wrong. In many other fields, bone conduction headphones are also very capable of “beating.” One of them is business occasions.

For calls, the requirements of the business people are not harsh: comfortable to wear, clear calls, long standby… It would be better if there is fast charging. However, most of the current bluetooth headphones are still used in entertainment scenarios, and there are few bluetooth headphones aimed at business people. The sound is not clear enough, the standby time is short, the ears swell after wearing the earphone for a long time… These are the shortcomings of true wireless earphones. The OpenComm professional communication bone conduction headphones just launched by AfterShokz does not have these shortcomings.

You can understand OpenComm in this way. It has upgraded an independent microphone on the basis of the flagship Aeropex of the AfterShokz bone conduction headphones, and upgraded the dual microphone digital noise reduction, which greatly improved the clarity of the call. At the same time, the increased battery capacity and the newly added fast charging technology can also ensure long-term calls on a single charge. Of course, the most important thing is that the way of listening without plugging in the ears brings unprecedented comfort. The weight as light as 33g and the ergonomic on-ear design make OpenComm and Aeropex enough to be worn without feeling.

More importantly, these needs of business people have been ignored for a long time. The former Jabra and Plantronics have basically lost their sense of existence in the consumer market, and true wireless has nothing to do with business use at all. The launch of OpenComm not only brings a breath of fresh air to the professional communication headphones market, but also excites the business people who have a large number of calls. In this market, there are still brands willing to hear their voices.

And you have to admit that the OpenComm prepared by AfterShokz for the business crowd is very sincere: After “increasing” the microphone, battery and fast charging, OpenComm still maintains the same price as the AfterShokz sports flagship Aeropex — —1298RMB, the “price” paid is only the protection standard from IP67 to IP55, which fully meets the needs of business people. It seems that OpenComm is not only suitable for business people, but may also allow some sports users to “defect”——after all, the IP55 protection standard is more than enough for general sports scenes.

In any case, now should be the time for the business crowd to cheer for joy. Years later, another brand appeared, and began to pay attention to their real needs, not only to pay attention, but to solve all the previous problems at once. When they took off their suits and put on sportswear, OpenComm was still their best partner.

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