233621 Trip head-mounted noise canceling headphones teardown


233621 Trip Wireless Bluetooth Headset Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphone with Microphone

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233621 is a new and young technology digital brand. 233621 is committed to providing design and sound quality headset products for young users who are innovative, enjoyable and sustainable. Its products are rich, covering various forms of TWS true wireless headsets, head-mounted bluetooth headsets and neck-mounted bluetooth headsets, from entry-level to mid-to-high-end bluetooth headsets that support active noise reduction. It has its own brand characteristics.

This time 52audio brings you the 233621 Trip head-mounted noise-reducing headphones. This product introduces a lightweight design scheme, using aluminum-magnesium alloy material, and the weight of the whole machine is only 222g; the earmuffs are made of skin-friendly protein skin and Breathable sponge, smooth and delicate to the touch; the head beam ear fork design supports 4 directions flexible rotation up and down, left and right, to enhance personalized ergonomic needs; and support folding function, improve product portability.

In terms of functional configuration, 233621 Trip has a built-in 40mm neodymium-iron strong magnetic dynamic driver, biological composite diaphragm; adopts Qualcomm CSR8670 bluetooth audio SOC, supports bluetooth 5.0 technology, supports aptX HD decoding, Qualcomm cVC call noise reduction technology; Sony CXD3775AGF noise reduction chip, Support dual-mic active hybrid noise reduction, support environmental sound enhancement mode; noise reduction depth can reach -35dB. Let’s take a look at the internal structure of this product!

52audio also disassembled the 233621 Zen Pro true wireless noise-cancelling headphones under 233621, 233621 Zen true wireless active hybrid noise-cancelling headphones, 233621 Pearl true wireless bluetooth headsets, 233621 Droplet true wireless bluetooth earphones, 233621 Hush noise-cancelling bluetooth headset, and 233621 Wave plus neck-mounted bluetooth headphones.

| 1. 233621 Trip head-mounted noise canceling headphones unboxing

The packaging box uses a white and blue background and is decorated with 233621 patterns. On the top of the front, there are 233621 brand LOGO and product name: TRIP bluetooth Active Hybrid Noise Cancelling Headphones; a large area in the middle shows the product appearance rendering; the information below shows the products displayed at the China Quality (Shenzhen) Conference, 233621 national model workers’ ingenuity; light to 222g, Product features such as active noise reduction, 20h battery life, and Qualcomm chips.

The back of the box has the brand LOGO; bluetooth, Qualcomm aptX HD logo; Model: 233621 Trip, manufactured by Shenzhen Grandsun Electronic Co., Ltd., etc.

The side information has passed the evaluation of the advancedness of Shenzhen standards, was selected for the 21st High-tech Fair, the products of the National Intellectual Property Pavilion, and the innovation and design logo from Shenzhen International Low Carbon City.

The items in the box include headset, charging cable, 3.5mm audio cable, storage bag, and product manual.

USB-A to Type-C charging cable.

Storage bag with 233621 brand LOGO printed in the middle.

3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable.

233621 Trip headset

The overall appearance of 233621 Trip head-mounted noise reduction headphones.

233621 Trip Folded state, easy to carry out.

The outer appearance of the earphone is printed with the 233621 brand LOGO on the back panel. The head beam and the ear shell are connected in a ring structure, and there is a circle of openings on the periphery. The design is unique and has strong recognition.

The inside appearance of the earphone, the blue L/R logo is designed in the earmuffs, and the font is large, which is easy for users to identify.

The appearance of the side of the headset.

The head beam rotating shaft structure can realize folding and left-right rotation functions.

The telescopic slide rail structure of the earphone head beam is designed with a partition structure.

The headphone beam is stretched.

There is a thick head cushion inside the head beam, which is soft and delicate to the touch and comfortable to wear.

The information printed on the inside of the head beam has the product model: Trip, made in China.

CMIIT ID: 2018DP7549, input power: 5V⎓1A.

On the inner side of the left ear, the L logo is printed inside the earmuff.

The 233621 brand LOGO is printed on the back panel, and the head beam and the ear shell have a unique design of connection structure. They are fixed together by a middle beam, so as to achieve a small angle of rotation up and down to improve wearing comfort.

3.5mm audio interface.

The R logo is designed inside the right ear cup.

Compared with the left earphone, the earphone shell has more function buttons and switches. The back panel also supports touch operation, double-clicking to turn on/off the environmental sound function, and three consecutive touches to wake up the voice assistant on the mobile phone.

Add and subtract volume function buttons, long press can also realize up and down song switching.

Indicator light and power button, click the power button to pause playback, answer and hang up; long press for 1 second to turn on, long press for 3 seconds to turn off.

Type-C charging interface.

A close-up of the microphone opening for voice calls.

Noise reduction mode switch to activate and deactivate the noise reduction function.

52audio used the ChargerLAB POWER-Z KM001C portable power tester to perform a wired charging test on the 233621 Trip head-mounted noise-reducing headphones. The charging power was about 0.973W.

| 2. 233621 Trip noise reduction headset teardown

Go to the disassembly part and remove the snap-on earmuffs.

Inside the earmuffs, a transparent plastic frame is used to support and fix the earmuffs.

The depth of the earmuffs is compared with RMB coins, and the depth is deeper, which improves the tightness of ear wrap.

On the sound cavity cover, the speaker sound hole is covered with dustproof cotton.

Backfeed noise reduction microphone, used to pick up the internal noise of the ear canal.

The tuning hole of the sound cavity is covered with dustproof cotton inside.

Tear off the dustproof cotton, and you can see the biological composite diaphragm of the speaker unit from the inside of the sound hole.

Remove the screws and open the cavity.

The speaker unit is also provided with a separate sound cavity.

Bass port.

On the back of the speaker unit, a layer of damping paper is attached to the outer ring for acoustic tuning.

The speaker wire via glue is reinforced and sealed.

According to the actual measurement of Woai Audio Network, the speaker size is 40mm, which is consistent with the official publicity.

The internal structure of the left ear cavity has a battery unit, a noise reduction microphone and a 3.5mm audio input board.

The wire is fixed with cloth tape to avoid tremor and abnormal noise.

The front of the 3.5mm audio input board.

There are many wires welded on the back to connect with each component of the headphone.

The noise-reducing microphone is fixed in a separate cavity, glued and sealed to enhance airtightness.

Electret microphone for active noise reduction.

Lithium-ion soft pack battery comes from CEL, battery model: 962731, capacity: 720mAh, voltage: 3.7V.

The battery protection board provides battery over-voltage, over-discharge and over-current protection. There is also a thermistor on the protection board to detect the battery temperature.

Open the right ear cavity, the internal structure of the cavity.

The speaker unit has the same specifications as the left ear.

There are two PCB boards in the cavity, and the wires are fixed by cloth tape.

The two PCB boards are connected by a flat cable and a socket.

Coaxial bluetooth antenna.

The indicator light guide is sealed by a black black plate to prevent light leakage.

Indicator light guide.

The front of the right ear plate is provided with function buttons and a power input interface, and the buttons and interfaces have TVS for electrostatic protection.

There are a number of TVS and overvoltage protection ICs on the back, as well as cable sockets connected to the motherboard.

The function buttons on the small board are fixed by welding through holes, which is more reliable.

Two LED indicators of different colors.

ETAsolutions ETA7014 high-side input overvoltage protection IC, the overvoltage protection point can be set for input overvoltage protection.

Details of ETAsolutions ETA7014.

The active noise reduction switch is fixed on a separate small board and connected to the main board through a wire.

The front of the small board.

On the back of the small board, the wires are soldered and the solder joints are full.

The speaker wire and the motherboard are also connected by welding.

The microphone unit for the active noise reduction function in the right ear is also located in a separate sealed cavity.

The third microphone in the right ear is used for voice calls.

Electret microphone.

The main board unit is removed, and a touch panel is fixed in the cavity.

Azoteq IQS227A touch detection IC, used to detect touch operation, support touch and proximity signal output.

Azoteq IQS227A details.

Bluetooth antenna.

On the front of the motherboard, the components are arranged neatly.

On the back of the motherboard, there are many wires and multiple cable sockets welded on the edge.

TI TPS62200 synchronous rectification step-down converter, which steps down the battery by 1.8V to power the noise reduction chip.

TI TPS62200 details.

TI BQ24092 Lithium battery linear charging IC, with a maximum charging current of 1A, for charging the built-in lithium battery of the headset.

Details of TI BQ24092.

Silk screen ASW550 IC.

Two low-noise regulators supply power to the noise reduction chip.

The IC of silk screen T8JH.

Analog switch with silk screen 5223V.

The SONY CXD3775A audio codec IC combines the noise reduction function with support for high-resolution signal processing. It has the characteristics of mixed noise cancellation, multi-stage filter configuration, integrated 6-band equalizer route, low delay signal processing, high resolution, integrated rate converter and so on.

CXD3775A audio codec supports microphone input, supports two-channel stereo, supports analog and digital signals, supports I2S interface; built-in 6 high-performance ADC, 2 DAC, headphone output without capacitor; also integrated Cortex M0+ processor, support can be Development tools adjusted filters, etc.

Qualcomm CSR8670 wireless audio solution supports bluetooth 5.0. In terms of audio transmission technology, it supports aptX, which can make bluetooth wireless audio reach CD-level listening experience; supports up to 6 digital microphones and capacitive touch controllers; contains charging functions internally, without the need to configure external charging ICs.

The dual-core architecture of Qualcomm CSR8670 includes an application processor, an ultra-low power Kalimba DSP, and embedded flash memory, which enables CSR8670 to provide a very flexible solution and achieve a high degree of product differentiation.

According to 52audio, products from brands such as BOSE, SONY, 1MORE, Edifier, and vivo have all adopted Qualcomm solutions.

Qualcomm CSR8670 detailed information.

233621 Trip head-mounted noise reduction headphones all components.

| 3. Summary

The 233621 Trip head-mounted noise reduction headset adopts a lightweight design in appearance, and the metal frame is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy material, making the weight of the whole machine only 222g. And there is no reduction in functionality. It not only supports basic telescopic and rotation functions, but also supports folding, which is convenient for going out and carrying. The earmuffs and head cushions are made of skin-friendly protein leather, matched with breathable sponge, which is comfortable to wear, and there is no obvious ear-pressing feeling when worn for a long time.

In terms of internal structure configuration, the 40mm neodymium-iron dynamic driver is equipped with a separate sound cavity, and the sound cavity is designed with a bass inverted hole to enhance the low-frequency volume; two headphones are equipped with a total of 5 microphone units for active noise reduction and Voice calls. And the active noise reduction microphone is also located in a separate cavity to enhance the airtightness and improve the quality of the sound; the wires in the cavity are fixed with cloth tape to avoid noise caused by resonance.

On the motherboard, the main control chip is Qualcomm CSR8670 wireless audio solution, supports bluetooth 5.0, supports aptX HD decoding, Qualcomm cVC call noise reduction technology; SONY Sony CXD3775A audio codec IC, which combines noise reduction function and high resolution signal processing , Coordinated with multiple microphones to achieve excellent noise reduction effect; TI BQ24092 lithium battery linear charging IC, TPS62200 synchronous rectification step-down converter; Azoteq IQS227A touch detection IC, ETAsolutions ETA7014 high-side input overvoltage protection IC, etc.

On the whole, the 233621 Trip head-mounted noise reduction headset has a stylish and unique design and strong recognition; functionally, based on the SONY dedicated DSP chip, it realizes the current popular active noise reduction function on the market, and the noise reduction is as low as -35dB, can bring high-quality noise reduction experience. In terms of battery life, it is built in a 720mAh battery, and 20 hours of battery life can be achieved in noise reduction mode to meet daily use. And supports fast charging function, plug in and charge for 10 minutes before going out, which can increase the noise reduction battery life by 2 hours.

Source: 52audio

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